For the first person you meet

Now the girl has reached adulthood and can make her own decisions.. Music teacher Lyudmila Pavlikova was nicknamed Peacock by her students. It may seem that the children do not really relate to the teacher. But in fact, children perceive it positively. The woman is thirty-six years old. She is lonely and lives with her […]

Black Dog

Katya secretly loved Dmitry, and Gustas was in love with Lisa. Lisa and Dmitry broke up. Brief summary of the series Impatiens 1, 2, 3, 4 – Literally from the first year, Sveta and Anya became good friends. The girls enjoyed spending time together, telling various stories about the past. Now the students are making […]

Summer of Wolves / Drops of Blood on the Blooming Heather

Andrei Frolov is an honest and experienced criminal investigation operative who does not want to accept the harsh working methods of his colleagues. The young lieutenant, still recovering from a serious injury and a complex operation, is sent on leave by management. For the first time in a long time, a fighter comes to his […]

Butterfly wings

Zoya was once a happy wife and mother, loved her job in kindergarten and lived a serene life. Boris Bogomolov experienced a lot not only in his past life, which he abandoned due to a terminal illness, but also in the tiny town of Solnechny, where he now works as a literature teacher eras. The […]

SUNSHOWER Super Mélodrame

Daria will soon turn 30 years old. And it seems that the girl will not be able to boast of the special successes that she achieved for her anniversary. Having escaped from her husband Kirill, Vasilisa decides to open her own small business. But her husband is not going to let her go and is […]

Saturday Wife

Maria suspects that Anton, out of resentment towards her, is planning to marry her mother. Anna Polonskaya gave up her career and devoted all her time and attention to her family – her daughter Polina and her husband Vlad. One day Anna finds out that Vlad has taken a mistress, and in order not to […]

A man who doesn’t want to marry me

The charming beauty Evgenia Lisitsina is in euphoria of happiness. Andrey and Elena have been living together for 10 years. They have not formalized the relationship, but live in a civil marriage. Despite this, Lena considers herself a married woman and does not allow herself to go out on the side. Andrey considers himself a […]

Military service for the hero of the series

What about Tina herself? What does she think about this? Does he consider Dana as a potential partner for marriage, or as 4 children in the family? The plot centers on the story of a retired soldier who finds himself accidentally drawn into a dangerous story full of intrigue and deadly conflicts. In an instant, […]

It’s never too late

Olga is a happy thirty-nine-year-old woman. She has an ideal family: a successful husband and cute daughters. Thanks to her husband, she does not work, but takes care of the house: cooking, cleaning, and so on. It would seem that this will be the case until old age. But the husband got bored and secretly […]


An attractive and caring wife named Marina from the series “Sorry” dreamed of a happy family all her life and thought that this was exactly what she had. It’s the same thing that happens when you don’t feel it, it’s the same thing. Pets are not allowed to be used by child locks. But at […]