The wind will dry your tears

Olga is happy with her fate.

There is well-being and financial prosperity in the family. The main character lives happily with her wealthy, generous and caring husband Vlad and children in a cozy and beautiful house. And when I have free time, I practice the art of photography.

But after one tragedy, a protracted dark streak begins in life. Unknown people tried to kill Vlad. After the assassination attempt, the man says that there is no time to explain. And he assures that it will be safer for the whole family if Olya temporarily divorces him, the property is transferred to her husband, the wife hides with the children in her mother’s apartment, and when Vlad deals with his enemies, then he will immediately marry his beloved again.

In an extreme situation, the main character decided to agree to the plan proposed by the head of the family. True, later he will bitterly regret his indiscretion. A few months later, the main character finds out that her “husband” lives quietly in comfort and safety.

And during this time he got a new wife – one of Olya’s friends. The housewife, in turn, is now lonely, broken and broke. She sincerely believed that her companion was not capable of treason. What mistake! Can a strong woman find her way to happiness?

Marina lives in a hopeless provincial outback. A strong woman maintains faith in the best, despite numerous trials. She had a period of short-lived and illusory happiness: the heroine rejoiced at the well-being of her family, a stable job, raising two children and a relationship with her husband, with whom the wife seemed to have sincere love.

But the problems, growing like a snowball, gradually turned the woman’s every day into hell. One of the alarm bells was the disappearance of her husband. The local police officer found the missing man in a neighboring village. It turned out that Marin’s husband was vacationing in the company of his mistress, who was pregnant by him.

The traitor refused to return home. But this is not all the tragedies that await the main character: the dark streak in life will drag on for a long time. Big problems at work turn into poverty. Relationships with children are tense. Of course, there was hope for happiness when Marina met Roman, with whom she fell in love.

But this was another man in the fate of a provincial woman who set her up. As a result, the unfortunate woman was given seven years in prison. A selfless woman is afraid that her children will be lost without her. Will she find the strength to endure this nightmare?

Nadezhda, having married Oleg, gave up a promising career and devoted herself entirely to her husband, raising her son and home comfort. Until a certain moment, she was sure that she had pulled out a lucky ticket by meeting “the man of her dreams.” As it seemed to her, her Olezhka was a caring husband and loving father.

Being in harmony with herself and looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, she did not notice the obvious that her husband was far from ideal and was often late at work. After all, in reality, he was not overloaded with work, as he told his half, but was having fun in the company of his boss’s wife. But everything secret sooner or later becomes clear, and then one day Oleg is informed that he is fired from the company.

This was the beginning of dramatic changes that significantly hit the family budget, after which the spouses got stuck in unpaid loans. At a certain stage, Nadya understands that she can’t live like this any longer. The snowball of debt will only grow unless decisive steps are taken.

She gets a job at an architectural firm and immediately agrees to a complex project where the client is a capricious and obnoxious rich lady. Every day she has a new idea that is incompatible with the previous ones, which interferes with the final determination of the scope of work.

Elizaveta is beautiful, smart and the daughter of the powerful district prosecutor. She is the pride of her father, she graduated from university with flying colors and dreams of becoming the best lawyer. The girl has already managed to arrange her personal life by marrying a family friend, Sergei. The couple are happy, her husband is a successful businessman, and she devotes time to raising her son and home, but is thinking about her practice.

After all, she always wanted to have her own business, speak at trials and definitely win. It’s so great to do a job you love, from which you get moral satisfaction and joy. But fate turned out so wildly that we have to forget about it for now. One day she accidentally runs into Oleg, her first youthful love.

Once upon a time, her parent, wanting the best for his daughter, intervened in their relationship, but Lisa herself knew nothing about it. Now Olezhka is an experienced journalist who is conducting a private investigation against Liza’s husband. A suddenly revealed secret changes the heroine’s entire measured existence overnight. She understands that the feelings have not gone away, and Oleg is ready to reciprocate. What will be next? Will she be able to break her established life and go into the unknown?

A deep crisis arose in the family life of one couple. They cannot establish relationships and do not understand each other. Together the couple are raising a school-age daughter. They try to convey their experience to the teenager, although they cannot even understand their own relationships. One day, dad decides to surprise the girl for her birthday and hires a clown. The mother found this idea strange and frightening; as a result, the couple quarreled again, and the holiday was ruined.

A woman goes to complain to her friend. The heroine explains that she does not want such a family life. She dreams of something not boring, unusual and exciting. This well-groomed and sexy woman desires love and romance. In response to this, a friend advises having an attractive and sensual lover. Suddenly, this “dream man” becomes the same clown who recently came to entertain the heroine’s daughter.

The spouse finds out about the betrayal and tries to distract himself by plunging headlong into work. The daughter stops communicating with her mother who has been on a spree. The life of the cheater finally went downhill when she found out about her pregnancy from a clown. But this animator quickly disappeared from the woman’s life. Will the traitor be able to bring back the family she destroyed?

Valentina is a beautiful and well-groomed woman who attends a prestigious university. Her daughter Olga, who prefers to hide from her classmates that her mother works within the walls of the university, studies at the same educational institution. Despite the fact that they are not at all similar in appearance and character, love, understanding, complete harmony and respect for personal space reign in their relationship.

It seemed that nothing could disturb this peace and order. But after the charming graduate student Pavel unexpectedly bursts into their reality, everything in their usual existence will be turned upside down. Valentina falls in love with a charismatic man who is much younger than her and mistakenly accepts his words about love addressed to her, although in reality these words were addressed to Olya.

Every day the love triangle becomes more and more drawn into the quagmire of disappointment between Valya and the completely happy and in love young Olechka. What happens when the mother finds out the truth? Will she be able to step aside for the sake of her only child’s happiness or will she start a rival’s fight? How will the unpredictable intrigue end, which threatens to quarrel loved ones forever?

Martha is the only daughter of circus performers who devoted herself to sports. Her parents were against her child following in their footsteps, so the girl listened to the opinions and arguments of her peers and plunged headlong into artistic gymnastics. But one day she will have to leave big sport due to the fault of an unscrupulous mentor.

And it is at this moment of search and decision that she nevertheless goes against her father and mother and realizes her long-standing dream of becoming a circus performer. As if by her wish, mutually beneficial circumstances turn up for the heroine: a trio of aerialists lose their soloist, who became pregnant and can no longer perform at altitude.

Meeting the charming gymnasts Max and Vlad gives rise to a love triangle, because the guys immediately fall in love with the slender beauty. Now they are desperate rivals for attracting the attention of their beloved. But Vlad’s mother intervenes in the situation, who does not like her son’s hobby at all.

She wants something completely different, for her boy to go to work in Germany, and in order to remove a suddenly appeared obstacle from the road, she basely substitutes Martha. Will the young lady be able to cope with difficulties, treacherous intrigues and achieve her goal?

The main characters of the intriguing film are the successful and charismatic Evgeny Khanzhonkov, who works as an assistant to the influential and capricious businessman Kumachev. Few people know the true purpose of Zhenya’s devotion to his boss, but this is a cold-blooded and calculating revenge that he has been nurturing for many years.

Once having met his former love Inna in the owner’s luxurious mansion, from that very moment his measured existence changes radically. But the beauty has no time for romance and nonsense; she needs to work double duty to take care of her child. Despite the fact that Inna’s life is not at all easy and she has long stopped believing in miracles and relying only on herself and her own strengths, she has plenty of envious people.

This list is headed, oddly enough, by Kumachev’s narcissistic daughter, who is in love with Zhenya and doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t even pay attention to her and melts when the servants appear. Thus, an involuntary love triangle is formed, where each of the participants has something to hide. But how to break it, so as not to hurt someone, without sowing hatred in the soul. Well, Inna herself has no time for games yet; without all these intrigues, she has enough problems that grow like a snowball.

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