Plastic Queen

Masha Gromova is seventeen years old. The almost adult “plastic princess,” as some call her, lives in a small provincial town. Her dad is the manager of a large plastic production plant. Her friends Svetka and Anzhelka are jealous of the major girl who receives a lot of money. Gromova herself is madly in love […]

Messing’s student

The series takes place in 1966. Two decades ago, everything happened exactly as Wolf Messing predicted. He was Stalin’s personal psychic and a hated opponent of Hitler. As he predicted the complete defeat of the fascist army in World War II and predicted this not figuratively, but with precision in dates. Messing had a unique […]

Husband with home delivery

One day in the life of the unfortunate man Mikhail did not go particularly well. He gives a lift to a group of people who turn out to be robbers. One of the attackers forgets a bag with loot in the car – a large sum of money. Of course, law enforcement agencies have many […]

Lessons of love

Katya has problems: her husband is dissatisfied with her appearance and believes that she has neglected herself. On the advice of a friend, she completed a wish marathon from a famous blogger, took up dancing and cast a love spell on her husband from a fortune teller. But everything is in vain – he left […]


Lyubov lived quietly with her common-law husband named Maxim. The professor’s daughter Lara works as a nurse. She lives in an old house in which traditional values are preserved – mutual respect and good neighborliness. The property is considered elite and is located in one of the central areas of Moscow. In recent years, many […]