One against all

Arrival in Primorsk of the new head of the district department of the Internal Affairs.

By this time, Yegor had managed to establish order in the area entrusted to him. The number of crimes has decreased markedly. Zhzhonov, like a sheriff, exterminated and imprisoned lawbreakers. And he even felt a certain power over the bandits. He imprisoned whomever he wanted, and pardoned some. And now the new boss can confuse all the cards for Yegor.

It’s even worse that the new appointment occurred against the backdrop of a worsening criminal situation in Primorsk.

A particularly striking manifestation of this crisis was the attack on a military unit, from where bandits stole a huge shipment of weapons.

Then a war began between local ethnic groups, which in recent years, when Zhzhonov was at the helm of the local criminal investigation department, divided the territory without firing – only through negotiations.

Even such an experienced law enforcement officer as Yegor, just like his subordinates, do not know that they have become part of a big and dangerous game. In it, detectives are assigned the roles of pawns. What events will lead to further clashes between gangs, and how will the cops behave in this situation?

A real tragedy is unfolding on a federal highway – a series of mysterious and ferocious murders. Road Killers operate with ruthless precision, but their motives remain a mystery. Victims get caught in a nail-shaped trap set on the road, turning an ordinary trip into a nightmare.

Once the car loses its wheels, ruthless criminals open fire on the driver and passengers without any interest in robbery. This terrorist activity, dubbed the “GTA Gang” by journalists, became the focus of public and government attention.

Outraged by what is happening, government agencies entrust the investigation to highly qualified investigators, Oleg Zvonarev from the Department of Internal Affairs and Igor Ivanovich Melnikov from the Investigative Committee.

These experienced investigators, specializing in particularly serious crimes, become key figures in the capture of roadkill. But having started the investigation with an assumption about the actions of a maniac, they encounter unexpected turns.

The facts discovered during the investigation indicate that this is not a single maniac or a single gang. The killers do not directly coordinate their actions, but something unites all these crimes. It gradually becomes clear that a bloody hunt is underway on the route, and human life is the only valuable trophy for the unknown hunters.

Despite the scale of the investigation, it is moving slowly. The inconsistency in the work of Zvonarev and Melnikov, both of whom avoid subordination to each other, creates difficulties in coordinated work. Each investigator has his own methods, which prevents effective collaboration.

There are no traces left at crime scenes – no fingerprints, no hairs. The car and the corpses are the only evidence left behind after the murders. Gradually, videos of each murder begin to appear on the Internet, creating the impression that someone has staged a bloody show, where the participants themselves are the executors of death sentences on the death route.

Realizing the need to join forces, investigators begin to look for compromises and cooperate with each other. They have to find the organizer of this macabre show in order to prevent new tragedies. The question is not only about catching the killers, but also about uncovering the secrets behind the scenes of this bloody performance that has engulfed the death trail.

The arrival in Primorsk of the new head of the district department of the Internal Affairs Directorate, Colonel Ganetsky, becomes an unpleasant surprise for the head of the search, Yegor Zhzhenov – by this time Zhzhenov had brought relative order to the territory entrusted to him. Crime knew its place, and Zhzhonov, like a real sheriff, administered justice.

Meanwhile, the criminal situation in Primorsk begins to become more complicated. There is an attack on a military unit, from where unknown persons steal a large quantity of weapons. And then a war begins between ethnic groups that previously peacefully divided the territory.

The main characters of the dramatic film are sisters Vera and Lyuba. Despite family ties, the girls are completely different, both in character and in life priorities. For the first, life is her favorite job. She is a highly qualified surgeon and completely immersed herself in her profession, sometimes sacrificing her personal life and relationship with her beloved daughter.

The salvation of the sick who need it is in the forefront, unlike relatives, this is how her child, who is offended by her mother, argues. Lyuba is exactly the opposite – she devoted herself to her family: her children and her husband. Because of their different views on life, the sisters practically do not communicate, and even if they happen to meet, it all ends in a quarrel. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary excesses, they prefer not to talk at all.

But suddenly fate gives both of them an unpleasant surprise, and their usual existence changes radically. It turns out that Lyubochka is not needed by her family at all and they are tired of her obsessive control and worries, and Vera is fired from her job after her colleagues set her up and now she faces serious imprisonment. Grief unites lost and desperate women who will have to establish mutual understanding, learn not only to hear each other, but also to listen.

Maria, as her father, a talented surgeon, dreamed of, continued her parental dynasty and became an excellent specialist, who is loved, appreciated and respected. The woman is freely devoted to her noble profession, spends a lot of time at work, saving people’s lives. The patients and their relatives are very grateful to her, but such dedication does not at all please the heroine’s husband, who considers himself deprived.

At one of the corporate parties, a man gets drunk and starts an affair with one of the girls. The newly made girlfriend looks at her lover with delight and is ready to fulfill his every whim. Unwittingly witnessing a frank scene completely by accident, Maria, who was late for the banquet and found such an unpleasant picture. Shocked by what she saw, she hurried away, getting behind the wheel of her car.

Tears of resentment blur your eyes, your thoughts are confused. The heroine loses control of the vehicle and hits a pedestrian, who escapes with a slight fright. The heroine takes him to the hospital to conduct a thorough examination and diagnosis. Masha does not yet know that this collision was not simple, but fateful and now her life will change dramatically.

Elena Ignatieva is a teacher at one of the city schools. She is a sweet, charming girl who doesn’t even try to arrange her personal life. All her efforts are aimed at finding her own sister, from whom she was separated as a child. She wants to find a relative so much that she doesn’t even think about her personal life. Those around her are trying to convince her to give up this empty idea, because so many years have passed that it is already useless. It’s like looking for a needle in a huge haystack.

Few people believe that the relative is alive and well. So much time has passed! And during this time she never showed up. The reason for this is one of two: everything is fine with her and she doesn’t need anything else, or she’s been gone from this world for a long time. Kirill decides to help Lena with her search. He is a talented computer scientist.

He does not demand gratitude, because he has long been in love with the main character, but he does not dare admit his feelings.

The guy expects that he will be able to win the favor of his chosen one if he fulfills her old dream. Colleagues hint that they will make an excellent and harmonious couple. You just can’t command your heart. Father of one of the students. That’s who’s in Ignatieva’s head. But you have to forget about matters of the heart when the news comes about Vicky’s death.

From early childhood, Lesya was distinguished by modesty, she was an inconspicuous and calm girl. She was afraid to speak in public, to openly express her own opinions and preferred to sit quietly on the sidelines when others loudly expressed their assumptions and opinions.

It was difficult for her to start communicating with new people and for a long time she could not overcome this fear in herself. At the same time, she madly dreams of building a musical career. The rebel Veronica is strikingly different from her. Charismatic, open, cheerful and courageous. She easily charms everyone around her. These different girls have only one thing in common – their own father.

At first, the stepsisters could not find common ground to start communicating. With age, the situation has changed a little. They were able to get along. The head of the family, of course, is incredibly happy about this. Nika decides to help her relative with her dream. They came together to the next casting, where the girl gave her sister sensible advice on how to behave on stage. As a result, the producers decided to start promoting her. With unexpected success came trouble. The worst thing is that Olesya saw these tragic incidents in her dreams.

Three close friends have achieved success in their careers, but in their personal lives they are beset by various problems. Girls often meet in their free time, share painful things, knowing that they will receive the necessary support. After all, who else can they talk to about their most secret things and at the same time be sure that no one will reveal their secrets? People around are surprised how such different personalities could find a common language.

The main characters, on the contrary, believe that this is the secret of their friendship. Sweet Alexandra will face a difficult choice. When she began a romantic relationship with Maxim, a former boyfriend appeared on the horizon.

Alexey decided to win back his beloved’s affection in any way and seems to be quite serious, in particular not to give in to his rival.

Quiet Eva madly loves her husband, but is forced to enter into fierce resistance with his numerous relatives. The mother-in-law is especially dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law’s attempts to limit communication. Inga is trying to fend off the persistent advances of a popular, but extravagant and overly loving . Looks like the girls are really having a hard time.

Elina and Yura fell in love at first sight. Their relationship was filled with pure romance, care and tenderness. It seemed to them that they were now unable to live one day without the other. Those around were touched by watching this wonderful couple. The newlyweds delayed the wedding, but the result of their great love was a child.

And if family life was going well, then the career of the newly-made husband and father. He couldn’t find a good job with a decent salary. After all, it is the man who is always entrusted with the financial support of the family. The pregnant wife had to earn for two. At one point she got tired of it. Patience is over. The romance disappeared and this emptiness was filled with irritation, despair and hatred.

A girl drives her loser husband out of the house. Years later, the main character was able to achieve success with her perseverance and determination. Her son is growing up, to her delight. True, personal happiness did not work out that way. Elya is still lonely, so she directs all her affection towards Vanya. This concern has tired him out, so the guy decides to find his father. For this purpose, he goes to the small town of Zavodsk.

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