Husband with home delivery

One day in the life of the unfortunate man Mikhail did not go particularly well.

He gives a lift to a group of people who turn out to be robbers. One of the attackers forgets a bag with loot in the car – a large sum of money. Of course, law enforcement agencies have many questions for the driver. The investigation mistakenly considers Mikhail an accomplice of these bandits.

An innocent person has to endure psychological pressure and experience the hell of numerous court hearings as an accused. But since this man has not previously been convicted, he is given a relatively mild punishment: house arrest at his place of registration.

But the hero falls into deep depression. The reason for despair is in a relationship with one girl. Mikhail’s ex-wife named Katya lives in a town near Moscow, with whom they separated immediately after the birth of their daughter.

The former spouses did not see each other for sixteen long years.

And so it turns out that they will have to live next to each other for a couple of weeks, and Misha becomes a husband with home delivery. During this time, they will find out many interesting and unexpected details about each other and their past together.

How will the relationship between these people develop further? Will they be able to make peace and forgive each other for past grievances?

They lived as a happy family, loving spouses who always understood and respected each other. They were united not only by love, but also by their beloved baby, in whom the parents doted on them.

Irina and Alexander, even in their nightmares, could not imagine that they would have to endure the tragic loss of a child. Nothing can drown out such mental pain.

Husband and wife, after long mutual accusations, completely withdraw and move away.

Everyone finds themselves in their own territory of truth and the best way out of this situation is, of course, divorce.

After some time, Ira marries Sasha’s close friend Igor. And Alex himself finds a girlfriend with whom he plans to create a cozy nest.

But even such drastic changes do not cure the disappointment received. Former spouses meet every year to celebrate the mournful date.

Ira realizes more and more that the love in her heart for Sasha has not faded, and the man does not stop thinking about her.

Lovers begin to meet secretly from their other halves, not wanting to hurt them. But the time comes when they have to decide for themselves that it’s time to tell the truth and start living from scratch.

While they are not sure that everything in their relationship will be cloudless and smooth. But there is a desire to try their luck again and enter the same river twice. But what will come of this?

The main character of the melodramatic film, Nina, is preparing for a wedding celebration with her fiancé Oleg. But it’s difficult to call this beautiful bride joyful about the upcoming event.

And the reason for this is the girl’s difficult past and unforgivable mistake, which she greatly regrets.

The young woman does not want to trust anyone with her secret. Heartbreaking pain, which she does not stop thinking about for a second.

Nine years ago, young Nina was abused by a certain Yegor. After which she became pregnant and, having given birth to a baby, left her in a maternity hospital. The girl was named Varya and she was adopted by the foster family Maria and Andrei Gromov. All this time Nina was tormented by remorse; she wanted to return her daughter, but this was no longer possible.

Now all she can do is secretly watch her little blood, who recently turned 8 years old. But soon fate will give her a chance to fix everything.

Maria dies under tragic circumstances, and Varya’s parent is looking for a nanny-psychologist for the baby.

Nina gives up everything and gets a job with Gromov. She couldn’t have dreamed of anything more. Against the backdrop of all these events in her life. The same Yegor suddenly appears, whom she would least like to see.

Masha learns about the betrayal of her beloved husband. She is shattered by the revealed truth and knows for sure that she cannot forgive the liar. Being in complete despair.

She understands perfectly well that she can now rely only on herself and that the housing issue must be resolved first.

The apartment in which Maria lived with her husband belongs to her mother-in-law, and she always disliked her proud daughter-in-law.

Women could never find a common language and any minor issue or topic gave rise to disputes, misunderstandings and scandals.

After everything that happened, the heroine dreams of only one thing: to quickly get a job and take her son Gleb to her. At 27, she is an ideal housewife with no education, but with a great desire for change and achievement.

Of course, Elena Konstantinovna, Andrei’s mother, has a completely different opinion and continues to teach her son how else to annoy his little wife.

Her goal is to take away her grandson. Masha will never give up and will fight for her child to the end.

She never stops thinking about how to calm down her grumpy former relative and maybe they can part ways peacefully and mutually with insults.

And accusations that can only traumatize a sensitive child’s psyche. But the girl is sure of one thing: she will have a hard time in this war.

Maria, as her father, a talented surgeon, dreamed of, continued her parental dynasty and became an excellent specialist, who is loved, appreciated and respected.

The woman is freely devoted to her noble profession, spends a lot of time at work, saving people’s lives. The patients and their relatives are very grateful to her, but such dedication does not at all please the heroine’s husband, who considers himself deprived.

At one of the corporate parties, a man gets drunk and starts an affair with one of the girls. The newly made girlfriend looks at her lover with delight and is ready to fulfill his every whim.

Unwittingly witnessing a frank scene completely by accident, Maria, who was late for the banquet and found such an unpleasant picture.

Shocked by what she saw, she hurried away, getting behind the wheel of her car. Tears of resentment blur your eyes, your thoughts are confused.

The heroine loses control of the vehicle and hits a pedestrian, who escapes with a slight fright. The heroine takes him to the hospital to conduct a thorough examination and diagnosis.

Masha does not yet know that this collision was not simple, but fateful and now her life will change dramatically.

The intriguing film begins with events that turn out to be fateful for two complete strangers. The chance acquaintance of the heroes on the eve of the New Year radically changes their entire usual existence. 35-year-old Anna is an otolaryngologist at a local clinic.

In her free time from work, she helps all the residents of her building as a doctor and considers this the norm.

After all, she is a servant of a noble profession and it is her duty to provide medical care to everyone who needs it.

In the past, the woman had a long, bright, but unpromising affair with a married man. 38-year-old Andrey is a middle-class businessman.

He is a little rude in character, but kind and sympathetic. The young man has already experienced an unsuccessful marriage once and now prefers to take a more fundamental approach to choosing his future chosen one.

Two personalities from different dimensions meet in a city shrouded in pre-holiday bustle, when she is in a hurry to meet a young man, and he heads to the restaurant to see his bride.

The main characters get into a minor accident, and the Internet and mobile communications in the area are turned off. An unusual encounter will change their lives forever.

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