Messing’s student

The series takes place in 1966. Two decades ago, everything happened exactly as Wolf Messing predicted.

He was Stalin’s personal psychic and a hated opponent of Hitler. As he predicted the complete defeat of the fascist army in World War II and predicted this not figuratively, but with precision in dates.

Messing had a unique power of foresight and psychic abilities and quite often went on tour around the Union. Staging psychological performances, where he shocked the audience with his gift, who wanted to attend his performance again.

But one day he came to a small seaside town not for the sake of a show. He specially arrived here, having long known who would conduct his concert.

He had been waiting for her for many years, and Olga, too, felt something, but she could not explain this feeling to herself. She is 16 years old and a naive schoolgirl.

And when the grumpy cashier told her that all the tickets for the event were sold out, for the first time. She was able to believe in herself and achieve what she wanted, getting what she came for.

This meeting was fateful and obstacles were swept aside, therefore, when Missing told Olya’s parents that. He wanted to take their daughter to Leningrad for education, he received a categorical refusal.

How could a complete stranger, and maybe even a charlatan, think that they would agree? Little time has passed. The girl grew up, became prettier and entered a pedagogical institute.

Wolf did not stop trying to talk to her father and mother. Because he essentially always got what he wanted.

So Olya becomes his ward and assistant, and from that moment her life will change dramatically.

Those around him considered Kostya Zlotnikov a real darling of fate. Many envied him. The main character consistently built and maintained the image of a tough and successful guy.

The young man devoted most of his time to achieving career and financial success. He was so absorbed in business that he practically stopped paying attention to his beloved girl.

As a result, the other half was seriously offended and stopped trusting the always busy Konstantin, who became selfish and rude. Zlotnikov doesn’t even think about improving.

On the contrary, every day he is more and more irritable, cold and impudent. The main character stops appreciating what an amazing girl continues to have a relationship with him.

He often lies to his other half, sometimes getting entangled in the labyrinths of lies he himself created. And Olya, in turn, feels more and more unhappy.

And understands that between her and Kostya there has been no former passion and tenderness for a long time.

He even begins to think about breaking up. One evening an event occurred that dramatically changed the couple’s life.

What incident radically influenced the characters’ relationships and their worldview? How will Constantine’s character change during the trials that befall him?

Ulyana has been working as a waitress in a restaurant for a long time. The constant bullying and insults from the toxic Nikita Goryachev.

The son of the owner of this establishment, became unbearable for her. One day, a diligent and experience employee was announce a promotion. Now she is a shift supervisor, endowed with great powers.

It turns out that the worker gained power over the young man, who until recently allowed himself to humiliate her.

The vindictive girl, who cannot believe her luck, is directly told that she has the authority not to feel sorry for Nikita. Even despite his privileged position.

It is not surprising that the major’s working days become difficult and filled with numerous challenges. The new boss will punish the guy for all his tricks.

But Goryachev Jr. does not give up and tries to do the almost impossible: to establish relations with his former victim.

Surprisingly, the charming young man gradually begins to make progress in his attempts to manipulate the leader. The restaurant owner’s son continues his game.

Is it possible that hostility will pass between them and love will come? How will the relationship unfold between the darling of fate and the heroine?

The fates of the two sisters turned out amazingly. For a long time, the girls did not even suspect each other’s existence. The first is rich, purposeful and successful.

The second, on the contrary, is doing poorly financially, and the generally unlucky heroine often gets into trouble. One day, a wealthy woman learned that she had had a sister all these years.

Moreover, the financial situation of the rich woman is made dependent on the beggar resident of the provincial outback.

A number of paradoxical circumstances lead to the fact that the sister for whom things were not going well will fight her way to success through terrible trials and the machinations of numerous ill-wishers, having learned the bitterness of humiliation and failure.

And the heroine, accustomed to luxury, will have to live among the “common people” who do not aspire to big money, and their little world will seem like hell after luxury.

The character and values of the rich woman will change dramatically during these difficult adventures. Yes, she will lose a lot materially. But she will become a better and kinder person.

Will two sisters be able to establish good relationships with each other in such extreme conditions? What obstacles has fate prepared for them on the path to long-awaited happiness?

Divorce is a difficult process. Children are especially worrie when they see a prosperous family be destroye. Masha’s parents understand that they can no longer live as a couple.

Dad leaves the family. After some time, the mother brings home her new man. With him in Masha’s fate appears his half-sister Nastya.

The need to establish contact with her sister for a girl who had been the only and beloved child in the family all her life became an impossible task.

And Nastya doesn’t seem to have a positive attitude either. Two spoiled girls, each of whom has a strong character and highly developed egoism. Little by little begin to fight for the dominant role in the family. The car’s situation is complicate by the unexpected death of her mother.

Who always supported her own daughter. It is difficult for the heroine to endure this painful blow of fate.

And the rival uses this tragedy to her advantage. The girls are growing up. And the competition between them continues. This time they found a different form of showdown.

Which one do men like more? Who will have more love victories? Both competitors are ready to use even the most insidious methods. What consequences will the war, which poisons the lives of both its participants, lead to?

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