A student at one of the Yaroslavl universities, Seryozha Ryabinin, learns the tragic news about the death of his father.

A student at the Yaroslavl Institute, Sergei Ryabinin, at the funeral of his father, whom he had never seen before, meets a stranger who introduces himself as a friend of the deceased. The stranger gives Sergei his father’s diary and an ancient book on palmistry. Having received such a strange inheritance, Sergei does not yet know that it will radically change his life and bring a lot of sadness.

The romantic story of journalist Sasha Potapova, who plucked not the smallest star from the sky, is another variation on the immortal theme of Cinderella and the Charming Prince. I guess that this is also a reason for thought and, in some ways, even envy of many ladies and young ladies, who themselves would not be against such a turn of fate. I managed to see this story quite by accident, over a cup of morning coffee, on TV, and also quite by accident, it hooked me and didn’t let go until the very end, until the credits rolled and breakfast smoothly turned into lunch.

In fact, the picture is far from a masterpiece. It is not very well shot, does not have an abundance of expressive dialogues, is designed more for a female audience who is prone to tears, and it tells about something that has very little in common with reality. Here you have counts who own oil wells, diamond mines, factories and banks.

With big hearts, marrying Cinderellas and ready to live in small Moscow apartments. And gray mice in cheap Chinese down jackets, at first glance conquering the big hearts of those same counts. Stunning daughters of influential dads who can take everything, but prefer weaklings and clingy ones. Deputy ministers divorcing their wives for young mistresses.

Yes, in this story everything is like in a movie. And yet she is undoubtedly very bright. This is exactly the feeling I had after watching it – light. And, despite the seeming unreality of everything that is happening, there is a surprising amount of everything ordinary, human and infinitely good in it. Love, for example. Money is not an absolute measure.

They generally materialize in the form of castles, titles, expensive cars and other external attributes almost in the last frames. And the entire running time, almost three hours, will be occupied by the story of the formation of true love of completely ordinary people in the struggle with completely ordinary everyday problems.

Among the darkness of careerism, trampling human souls, the thirst for power, irrepressible greed, sweeping away everything in its path. A bright story of poverty, which can be extremely noble, and wealth, which is not always synonymous with corruption.

All the main roles were a success. I would give Irina Grineva an Oscar for Vika Teryokhin. And in general, for her talent from God – the impeccable manner of playing bitches and scoundrels of all stripes. Anna Bolshova is very convincing as Sasha Potapova, homely on the outside and beautiful on the inside, and her transformation into the irresistible Madame de Beauvais. As always, Alexander Dyachenko and his daredevil Vanya Veshnepolsky are charismatic.

Dmitry Shcherbina is perfect for the role of Pobedonostsev. Well, Euclid Kyurdzidis. “Russian Al Pacino” with Greek ancestry. The role of the Frenchman Philippe de Beauvais with the same entourage in the form of a stylish short coat with a scarf (oh, those French!), refined manners, a tight wallet and a beautiful soul. Impressive, sexy and generous. A magnificent example of true male beauty.

Yes, in this story everything is like in a movie. And we, experienced and cynical, have long since seriously understood that “there are few princes and there are not enough of them for all.”

And it’s so difficult to believe in the existence of such correct and unspoiled women as Sasha Potapova in our “selfless” times.

This film is based on a completely primitive and sometimes fairy-tale story about Cinderella, popularly known simply as Sasha Potapova…

The film is primarily aimed at housewives – light, unobtrusive and at the same time understandable and relatable. There are even elements of an action movie, but without massacres and all sorts of “ki-ya!”, but purely in the classic version: they got into the apartment, threatening letters, attempted murders…

In general, the female hand in the script is very clearly felt. But overall the film is good. It was well filmed, with good acting, and, in principle, you wouldn’t expect anything else from such a cast.

In a word, the series was a success. The film adaptation of a pulp novel of this level was very impressive in its sincerity. I’ve watched this movie several times already and never get tired of it.

Denis Nefedov is a young and handsome man. About two years ago, this successful architect’s wife died. Since then, the single father has been raising his daughter, whose name is Masha, on his own. The eligible groom has no time for searching for his soulmate. His priorities are work and providing his daughter with a decent standard of living. Due to the fact that her father is rarely at home due to his busy schedule, the ward has to spend a lot of time alone. And this bored the girl incredibly.

She doesn’t mind at all having a kind and interesting stepmother. But it is very difficult to involve such an inveterate bachelor and careerist as Denis into a romantic relationship. But the situation changes when Mashin’s tutor named Olga begins to come to the Nefedovs’ house. Gradually, greater and greater sympathy arises between the teacher and the architect.

The teacher’s ward really wants her to become her father’s wife. But there are obstacles in the couple’s path. Former singer Albina has long been in love with Denis and is trying to get the man of her dreams. Having learned about the appearance of a potential rival, she decides to act cruelly and sophisticatedly, starting a fight for an eligible groom. Who will a free man choose as a result?

The friendship of Yegor, Nail and Max has been tested by numerous tests. Three former warriors continue to go through life together. Veterans opened their own VIP security agency. The company specializes in serving high-profile wealthy clients. Egor Lozova is hired as a bodyguard for Lelya, the daughter of the owner of a modeling agency, who was once a crime boss. We are talking about Anton Kirzhach. He recently divorced his wife named Marina.

Since she was using drugs, I decided to take the child for myself. The father considers only rare visits between his daughter and her unlucky mother acceptable. After some time, Yegor and his wife Olya settled in Kirzhach’s mansion. Security chief Rodin is suspicious of the new bodyguard. Lozovoy does not pay attention to this and calmly does his job.

Gradually, this charming man managed to make friends with his little ward. And the girl also likes to communicate with Olya. But the prosperity quickly collapsed. During his first serious assignment, Yegor encountered a great tragedy that would radically change his life. What will happen to the main character? What will be his future fate?

Seven-year-old Lyuba grows up in an environment of thieves. One day she was tasked with distracting the attention of a wealthy family at a train station. As a result of the scam, luggage was stolen from wealthy passengers. After this crime, Lyubka often fantasizes about how she found herself in the place of a girl from a prosperous family – beautifully dressed, with loving parents, with an elegant doll in her hand. Many years pass.

Two girls, who grew up in completely different conditions, met again in a small town in the Urals. Irina, from a good family, had by that time become a promising doctor and was assigned to this provincial wilderness. Her mother died, leaving the girl alone. The heroine is trying to find a caring nanny for her daughter. However, in a small town where life revolves around a metallurgical plant, it is not easy to find a worthy candidate.

The city is home to many former prisoners and other individuals who have nothing to do with nanny work. Ira had to choose a headstrong and daring girl who had only recently been released from prison. She turned out to be Lyubka. People around are amazed by the young mother’s decision. People are sure that the criminal is dangerous for the girl. However, Irina takes the former prisoner to work.

The whole life of top manager Vika is a constant and frantic race for success. In her world there is no place for family values, warmth, and this suits the cynical girl quite well. The hardened careerist believes that everything in this city can be bought or sold. And various sentiments, in her deep conviction, only hinder a person’s development.

Victoria is sure that life is a struggle. Only the strongest win, and the fate of the weak is constant defeat and degradation. But circumstances develop in such a way that the unfortunate heroine loses everything she has acquired through backbreaking labor. She is forced to start life from scratch and return to the family home that her grandfather left her as an inheritance. The old man was seriously involved in winemaking.

In the small town where this family estate is located, Vika encounters a world completely unfamiliar to her. She finds it hard to believe that once upon a time she was part of it. In his native land, the former top manager greatly changes his life values and guidelines. Her approach to communicating with people and working becomes different. Victoria finds a job that she really likes. And also finds love. But the heroine has unexpected enemies that she will have to fight against.

The former spouses of the Stepanovs are emotional natures, who, after the passions around the divorce process have subsided, continue to successfully manage their partnership responsibilities and together manage the largest retail chain “Friendly Family”. The owner of a successful business, Fedorov, does not even suspect what dramatic changes have occurred among his trusted employees.

Although the latter, according to the agreement, must have an exemplary family, which, through personal example, must bring to the masses the whole measured idyll of family values. After all, this is precisely the credo of a successful enterprise. But now the heroes have to dissemble and hide the whole truth, fortunately, the businessman lives in another city and on rare occasions visits these parts.

Olga, having become a free woman, met the gifted violinist Yasha on her life’s path, but cannot call her second marriage cloudless. The domineering and omnipresent mother-in-law spoils the entire atmosphere of harmony. Dora Gordeevna does not deviate from her habits: “Control Yashenka’s life and be aware of all events and decisions.”

Dima also started a family, marrying the naive and homely Milochka. It seems that everyone is happy with everything, but the unexpected news of Fedorov’s imminent arrival brings chaos to the established order. How will Olya and Dmitry get out? After all, if the truth comes out, they will lose everything overnight.

Vera has always had bad luck with men. All her chosen ones only took advantage of the woman’s kindness, and then disappeared from her path without a trace. After completing the second divorce proceedings, the lady decides to go to a resort to forget about the betrayal and just unwind. Meeting smiling Alena and her son makes a lonely person understand the meaning of the word family.

The woman spends most of her time next to new acquaintances, but a sudden tragedy makes Vera horrified again. It turns out that while traveling on the ship, Alena and her child die along with the rest of the passengers. The husband of a deceased friend comes to a resort town to find out the circumstances of the death of his other half and learns about his wife’s acquaintance with a lonely woman.

Vera is ready to support the young widower and spends a lot of time accompanying Boris to all levels. Before leaving, the lady realizes that she really fell in love with a random acquaintance. She understands perfectly well that she has been looking for such a person all her life, but the sensitive state of affairs prevents her from taking the first step towards him. Will Vera be able to muster up the courage and allow herself to be given a chance to be truly happy for the first time?

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