Lessons of love

Katya has problems: her husband is dissatisfied with her appearance and believes that she has neglected herself.

On the advice of a friend, she completed a wish marathon from a famous blogger, took up dancing and cast a love spell on her husband from a fortune teller. But everything is in vain – he left her and went to another.

Trying to get out of a series of failures and organize her personal life, Katya decides to make drastic changes – she changes her hairstyle and updates her wardrobe, which does not go unnoticed.

Three candidates immediately appear around her: a senior storekeeper, a shift supervisor and… a factory director. How not to make a mistake and choose the most worthy person to go on a date with?

Katya, caught up in a romantic whirlwind, makes an unfortunate mistake at work that costs her a year’s salary. Help comes from someone who has been so close all these years and has not attracted attention at all.

Trying to keep up with the beautiful picture, she almost missed her long-awaited happiness.

Boundless parental love does not always lead to family well-being. Fulfilling children’s wishes is easy and pleasant.

But when adult children demand that you give up love, will you be able to say “no” for the first time?

Alena is a single mother, raising her daughter Ira, forgetting about her personal life. She makes excuses for her daughter’s misdeeds and minor deceptions until they lead to serious consequences.

Having lost faith in a loved one and everything that was so dear to her, Alena begins life anew.

Having met love, Alena is force to make a difficult choice – to find personal happiness or again solve the problems of her unlucky daughter.

The brilliant diagnostician Andrei Krasnov loses his memory after a gunshot head injury. He doesn’t remember the last ten years of his life and can no longer heal people.

However, Krasnov is unable to completely give up his favorite job; he is even ready to work as a nurse.

Starting life over again turns out to be difficult: the hero learns with horror that over these ten years he has lost his family, the affection of his colleagues and the trust of his daughter.

In order to piece by piece restore his “lost” life, he will have to relive the dramatic events of his past.

Make a difficult choice between two women dear to him – his ex-wife Anna, whose divorce is erase from his memory, and his colleague Dasha.

And also to understand the strange story of testing a new experimental drug, because of which a young patient died.

Olga and Maxim are an ideal marrie couple, they have a warm relationship, a successful business and a beautiful home, but everything changes when an unknown person begins to spy on them.

He kidnaps Olga and makes demands on Maxim: he has exactly 24 hours to go to the police and admit that a year ago he hit a woman to death while drunk.

In this case, he will return Olga alive and unharmed. Despite the fact that the allotted time is running out, Maxim is in no hurry to save his wife.

First he needs to solve all his affairs, hide the evidence, deal with his pregnant mistress and fraudulently re-register Olga’s business as his own.

Olga witnessed a conversation incriminating Maxim; she is disappointe and does not recognize her husband.

Fearing for his safety, Maxim is ready to do anything, including even killing his own wife.

Oleg Rubtsov cannot stay in one place for a long time and is force to constantly move. It’s all about his past. He is an employee of the secret unit 0-18, his call sign is Pilgrim.

The group took on complex and delicate cases when ordinary law enforcement agencies were powerless: it dealt with the elimination of organized crime groups, gangs and terrorists.

Suddenly, all members of the secret unit are expose – the “mole” helped get the personal files of all employees. Most of Rubtsov’s colleagues die.

The pilgrim manages to save himself and hide his wife. Now you need to understand who the traitor is and how to live further.

The capital’s operative Sasha Livneva, the daughter of a general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is transferre to the quiet provincial town of Lazarevsk.

What such a FIFA forgot in the wilderness is unclear. New colleagues suspect that the reason may be personal.

Moreover, Sasha keeps her distance from attractive male colleagues, preferring the company of the pensioner Korotkov.

The metropolitan little thing and the provincial opera, battered by life, unexpectedly find kindred spirits in each other.

And Sasha’s personal circumstances really turn out to be difficult – and with his arrival in Lazarevsk they become even more complicated.

Sasha Sergeev, freed from painful slavery in the office, decided to take forced maternity leave. But when faced with financial difficulties, he did not turn to his oligarch father for help, but decided to find a source of income himself.

Among other things, he decided to work at the bank where his family took out a mortgage. The situation becomes critical, and Tanya decides to go back to work.

Sasha begins to lose his masculine strength, and the role of head of the family increasingly passes to his wife. Because in this situation, the principle prevails: “THE WHO WORKS IS THE CHIEF!”

Katya “Nightingale” met in an orphanage: mutual infatuation was suppose to develop into true love, but instead of a wedding, an unexpected separation followe.

Ivan was adopte by the wealthy Bagrov family, and the official Golubev really liked Katya.

He became friends with the Bagrovs’ daughter, the beautiful Sveta, and be not at all embarrasse by the fact that she was confine to a wheelchair.

Parents dreamed that their children would get marrie when they grew up, and that a child born by a surrogate mother would hold their family together.

The official Golubev told Katya about a beautiful wedding, but he did not keep his promise – he found a more promising bride. And Katya is left alone with her newborn daughter Natasha in her arms.

A few years later, Katya comes to Moscow to develop her daughter’s vocal talent, relying on Golubev’s help.

But he has another family and he refused to deal with Natasha. Out of despair and lack of money, Katya decides to become a surrogate mother and ends up with the Bagrovs.

Ivan recognizes his “Nightingale”, their love flares up with renewed vigor.

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