An attractive and caring wife named Marina from the series “Sorry” dreamed of a happy family all her life and thought that this was exactly what she had.

It’s the same thing that happens when you don’t feel it, it’s the same thing. Pets are not allowed to be used by child locks.

But at some point the main heroine became aware of the terrible news that her love is a woman’s cut. Certainly, there is an illusion where the action takes place, it is the house. Then you will know more about your destination, Maps has nothing to do with that. API. Or maybe she’s a woman who doesn’t know what it looks like, but she’s a woman who doesn’t like it. not in his destiny.

Mapina is happy with her marriage to Vadim, with whom she has two wonderful children. His son Denis and his daughter Lena make their parents happy every day, and the adults do everything so that the children live in abundance and love. Everything collapses irrevocably when a woman discovers the truth about her husband: it turns out that he took a mistress. Betrayal cuts the ground from under one’s feet, and past happiness remains in the past.

The cheated wife doesn’t understand why Vlad decided to cheat. With the intention of observing her rival and getting to know her, she obtains a position as secretary. Marina does not know that her boss will not play the last role in her life.


The main character of the melodramatic TV series is an ordinary woman named Tatiana. She earns alone in the family, her husband does not get tired about this, Tatiana works as a teacher at school, and everyone knows that the salary of teachers in our schools is low. Then she decided to work part-time.

He was offered to teach teenagers in places of detention. At first she was afraid of it, but then it turned out that there were good guys there. For example, one of them was named Timur. She especially liked him, and when the time came for his release from the zone, and he had nowhere to live, Tatiana generously offered him to live in her apartment.

Get married at any cost

An intriguing film, based on the detective novel by Tatyana Polyakova, tells about the incredible events that happened to Irina. After long meetings, the girl waited for a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, chef Yuri Sikorsky. The day before the wedding, she woke up in a strange apartment with a stranger.

The beauty hurried to leave the premises, but in the kitchen, the couple discovered the body of an elderly woman who had died violently. Leaving the newly-made groom to deal with these problems, Ira decided to tell her future husband about the problems. However, her friend stopped her, and here she finds herself in a “whirlwind of events”

On the outskirts of a serene seaside town stands an ancient lighthouse that guides lost ship crews. Alexander Nikiforovich Tikhonov works as its caretaker. At first glance, this is an ordinary man in the street with no special features. In fact, this is the leader of a gang of malicious smugglers. His daughter Tanya is a twenty-year-old university student. This is a good-natured, naive and intelligent girl who does not even suspect what dark deeds her father is doing. The heroine knows only the bright sides of the old man’s personality. The girl still cannot recover from the news of her mother’s sudden death and believes that her father is also very worried and that he needs care.

Once upon a time, a seasoned police officer, Major Konstantin Kravchenko, who, however, himself is not clean before the law, was on the trail of an authority group nicknamed Tikhon. He is not against offers to participate in lucrative corruption schemes. The law enforcement officer liked the modest and attractive daughter of the lighthouse keeper. How will the characters’ relationships develop in times when there are brutal criminal clashes? What fate awaits Tanya in such a cruel environment that can negatively affect even the most respectable people?

Polina leaves her little daughter Lidochka to be raised by her grandmother and moves to Moscow. There, a woman is going to take a highly paid position as a housekeeper for the famous actress Lydia Krasnopevtseva, whom she has long loved and respected. The careerist plunges into the bustle of Moscow life and remains satisfied with everything that happens.

So much so that he gradually begins to forget his child. But Polina’s daughter dreamed of having her mother nearby. But Lida had to learn to live without parental warmth. The girl grew up, became prettier and graduated from school. Then she married her beloved man, whose name is Dmitry. This marriage turned out to be expectedly happy.

But one fine day Polina appears on the threshold of their family’s house. It turned out that the heroine lost the ability to work due to a terrible illness. Responsive Lida agrees to accommodate the unhappy mother with her and devotes a lot of time and energy to caring for the patient. At the same time, he cannot find the strength to forgive Polina, who once abandoned her family for money. Dmitry has a negative attitude towards such changes. As a result, he constantly quarrels with his wife. How will Lida’s difficult fate unfold next? What trials will she face?

The heroes of the action-packed series are the same professional team of unique specialists who investigate mysterious and hopeless murders. The department is headed by Dmitry Rodimin, a principled and responsible person. The officer chooses as his assistant an equally tough and uncompromising person, a representative of the Investigative Committee – Tatyana.

Also in the group are highly qualified psychologist Victoria, meticulous forensic expert Karina and psychic and witcher Oleg. Such a diverse group was accustomed to supporting each other and became a close-knit family, which allowed them to act as effectively as possible in any difficult situation. Together, they undoubtedly guarantee that evil will be punished and the criminal will be held accountable for his crime. Each episode is an independent intriguing story, where a whole cascade of intrigue and exciting events unfolds. The second season will tell the young girl’s version of the investigation.

That evening will prove fatal for the young beauty when she goes to have fun at a nightclub and meets a charming and attentive young man there. Already in the morning, passers-by in the city park will discover a suitcase, the contents of which are shocking. It contained a mutilated female corpse. Judging by the injuries received, the rapist beat his victim in cold blood before his death.

“Theirs” begin an investigation and quickly come to the conclusion that most likely the act was a psychopathic maniac. The key to solving the rebus will be the same suitcase found, made from old materials. As it turned out, the killer was a private regular at an antique shop, where he purchased rare items, from which he created frightening fakes.

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