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Olga is a happy thirty-nine-year-old woman. She has an ideal family: a successful husband and cute daughters.

Thanks to her husband, she does not work, but takes care of the house: cooking, cleaning, and so on. It would seem that this will be the case until old age. But the husband got bored and secretly took on a mistress. Finally he admitted this to his wife.

For Olya this is a real tragedy, but what to do if the man you love stops loving you? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that anything can be changed here, you just need to come to terms with it, don’t despair and move on, because there are still many male representatives who are not against even their own children.

But there is a problem – Olga loves the traitor too much, because we have been married for twenty years. What if there is still hope? Or resign yourself and hiccup another man? Olya begins to develop, and not sit at home and cry into her pillow.

Letters on Glass Season 1

In the series “Letters on Glass” viewers will get acquainted with Alina Alferova. This beautiful, kind and friendly heroine works as a nurse. Alina lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

And one day, her patient’s handsome and caring nephew, Maksim, comes to visit her. Young people quickly find a common language. Maxim can’t get enough of Alina. He surrounds the girl with care and support.

And every evening, he leaves her little messages on the window. It seems that everything is heading towards marriage. But suddenly another girl begins to conquer Maxim’s heart. Will Alina be able to keep her feelings and those of her loved one?

Naturally, spending all his free time at work, he encounters serious problems within the family. The guy has real friends and colleagues in the person of Nazarov and Petrovich, with whom he had to get out of various situations. One day in the city a dangerous criminal named Bear appeared, who decided to finally come out of the shadows.

Literally immediately, 0n 0p organizes several daring attacks against inkacca0p0v and kills everyone who tries to interfere with him. Of course, such a dangerous individual had to be immediately rendered harmless, which is what the heroes and co-authors did.

However, after the arrest, information was received that the criminal was to be released. He had influential connections, especially among law enforcement employees. Semen0v did not attach any meaning to 0c0b0g0, even without guessing 0 possible consequences. Bck0pe The bear ran away, at the moment k0t0p0g0 intentionally killed Petr0vich. To our great regret, 0per was made extreme, 0accused of having 0organized an escape and 0participated in a criminal conspiracy.

Place of Power is a series telling about the fate of Elena Generalova. She was used to leading a regular lifestyle and working in the local library. She was happy to perform boring duties. But one day she has to forget about her previous way of life.

The reading room is closing. I have to look for a new place. The young lady gets a job as a cleaner in the local administration. Everything is happening on the eve of the election of a new head. The current leader is trying to portray fair elections. The man has to create the appearance of competition and place Elena as an imaginary rival. Who would have thought that a nondescript person would win a stunning victory?

Tonya is not a woman with an easy fate. In her early twenties she gives birth to a daughter and raises her alone, and in her twenties she realizes that she will never see personal happiness again. She devotes herself entirely to her little one, and she grows into a beautiful, but incredibly selfish girl.

She is burdened by the constant presence of her mother and actually drives her out of the house, which Tonya cannot come to terms with. But one day a woman meets a man and gets married for the first time, which angers her single-parent daughter even more. The girl cannot come to terms with the fact that her mother no longer belongs only to her, and continues to pester the unfortunate parent with her antics.

Artyom Steklov, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department for combating drug trafficking, will face terrible trials. With the help of his partner, the operative had to detain the son of the crime boss Khromov, whose criminal group had established the sale of prohibited substances in Sochi with impunity and was trying to expand its sphere of influence. The operation of law enforcement officials is successful.

It was possible to arrest the subject. However, the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs send Tyoma and his family out of harm’s way to a quiet place where they can lay low for a while. Still, there is a big risk that angry members of the drug syndicate will take revenge on the detective and his innocent relatives. True, some time later the mafiosi figured out the whereabouts of the main character. The gangsters have so far been able to take revenge directly on their offender.

But instead, the criminals killed his wife and seriously wounded his daughter. The widower is beside himself with anger. The fighter rushes to one of the southern cities to brutally get even with his wife’s killers. And even if the fight between a lone hero and an organized crime group is not equal. Steklov intends to see the matter through to the end. There’s no stopping him.

Homicide officers are still on duty. Shaposhnikov, Krasavchenko, Bubnov, Vetrov and Kuzmin still have many difficult cases to solve. These crime fighters are very different, but they still work together. The St. Petersburg operatives became one team, not least thanks to the organizational skills, humor, ability to find an approach to anyone and the vast service experience of their boss, Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Golovanov. Under his strict leadership, the magnificent five continue their relentless fight against crime in St. Petersburg.

In difficult work, the heroes are helped by a sense of humor and friendship. They also try to be less sad about troubles on the personal front, so that no worries at work interfere. Law enforcement officers have more than enough work to do. For example, the old guard will investigate the murder of Kirill Nikonov, the son of the head of a large bank. Colleagues will also find the scoundrel who killed the famous television journalist Paulina Semyonova. They will identify the culprit in the death of Maria Zavyalova, who worked as a cosmetologist in a beauty salon called “Chic” and often flirted with clients. What other crimes will the main characters solve?

Bragin and his family moved to new housing. The hero was unexpectedly called to Sklif: it is necessary to save an industrial climber who fell from the 8th floor. After the operation, the patient, left alone in the ward, took it into his head to stand up. He fell, injured his spine, and is facing disability. The victim’s father is a rich and influential man. Sklif employees cannot avoid problems: the oligarch intends to deal with those whom he considers guilty, and he will take his complaints to the highest authorities. The new chief physician Polonsky becomes aware of this and, with the support of Pavlova, intends to protect his subordinates.

Other personnel changes are coming. Krivitsky resigned. As a result of the tragedy with the climber and the ensuing scandal, Bragin was suspended from medical activities for a whole month. And the entire department will have to undergo an unscheduled certification. Anyone who can’t cope with it will be fired. The first in Sklif to fall under the hot hand of a strict boss will be Faina and Irina Fedorovna. Oleg will have troubles as a result of Marina receiving an inheritance. Nina will have to face a man she would rather forget about. And also news appears about the return of the Pastukhovs to the capital.

The friendship of Anna and Evgenia has lasted for many years. If they lived in the same city, they would certainly see each other more often. But so far, unfortunately, it has not been possible. However, despite the fact that there are many kilometers between them, the heroines try to keep in touch and meet at the first opportunity. One lives in St. Petersburg, the second in Minsk. In childhood and adolescence they were inseparable. We’ve been through a lot together. The friends have common memories and views on the world around them. It seemed that neither distance nor any other factors could separate them. However, times are coming when the heroines’ relationships will be seriously tested.

Anna is sad because she has not found a husband. While her dream of a prosperous family does not come true. This melancholy became especially acute when a bachelorette from St. Petersburg came to visit her friend in Minsk. Seeing how happy the mistress of the house was married to Sergei, the guest began to envy.

Why, they say, am I worse? Why is she so lucky? But in reality, the Minsk family, which seems ideal, is in a deep crisis. Zhenya turned out to be infertile as a result of a long-standing tragedy, and it is important for her husband to have children. There is a danger that the man is already looking for another wife. It seems that a spark flashed between him and the guest from St. Petersburg.

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