Happy route

Zhenya, a simple and extremely kind girl, lives in a hostel and works as a trolleybus driver.

The main thing in life for her is to help people. She replaces her colleagues at work, houses a former teacher for free, and gives her only dress to a girl she barely knows.

Her friends make fun of the unmercenary behind her back and are sure that nothing will happen to her in life.

But Zhenya, with inexhaustible optimism, continues to believe that her trolleybus is traveling along a happy route. And one day a miracle comes into her life.

There should be more films like this
An incredibly kind, sincere and correct film. And at the same time not boring in its correctness. This is a melodrama film about how good triumphs over evil: in life everything is fair and there will always be a reward for a kind attitude towards the people around you, when it seems that there is nothing to hope for. It is when the last drop of hope has dried up that this is the moment when true happiness comes.

Most likely, cinema intellectuals will not like this film; it will seem too simple and primitive. But there is a chance that they will find the film interesting too. It was shot sweetly and sincerely, it’s catchy and looks easy. American films simply weren’t lying around.

Glafira Tarkhanova is simply lovely, for some reason it seems that in life she is similar to her heroine. I really like this actress and her images on the screen.

Egor Glazunov works in the criminal police of the capital and has an amazing gift – “lying from a sheet of paper.” This skill helps him a lot in a distant small town, of which there are a great many on the map of Russia. Here Glazunov goes to help his childhood friend Artyom – an ordinary courier with unusual principles, from whom the Mercedes he received due to a strange coincidence was stolen.

All traces lead to a local authority, who is impossible to get close to. The last chance is to come with a “check” from the “investigative committee”. The plot of Gogol’s “The Inspector General” turns into the history of the new Russia.

Okay, we’ll call her later, I thought. Instead, I decided to tell you about our recent test drive. Veronica and I decided to try a new sports car that recently appeared on the market. We both love adrenaline and speed, so it was the perfect solution for us.

I remember how Veronica sat behind the wheel, eager to start driving. She performed admirably, flawlessly following all my instructions. It was clear that she was enjoying every second of this test drive.

While Veronica tuned the music on the radio, I looked at the instructions for the car. Suddenly my attention was drawn to an article about a young successful businessman named Yuno.

It was said that he was looking for a woman who could share his success and passion for life. I couldn’t help but subscribe to this article, as it interested me with its non-standard requirements.

Yuno was described as a cool guy who is looking for not just a life partner, but a real partner. He was looking for a woman who would be ready to get up from her knees and move forward.

Veronica and I felt that this was exactly what we needed. We are both ready for new adventures and want to find true love.

We recently received an invitation to an event organized by Yuno. He decided to invite everyone who was interested in his proposal to meet and spend time together. We decided not to miss this opportunity and went to the Indigo Hotel, where this event took place.

When we arrived, an extraordinary atmosphere of happiness and joy awaited us. The people were beaming with smiles and energy, and the music created an amazing atmosphere. To be honest, I did not expect such a mood. But it seems that everyone who came here lost their heads with happiness.

We went together to the hall, where beautiful flowers and candles were placed on the tables. I realized that all this was created for us. Yuno wanted us to feel special and enjoy every minute of our stay here.

In 1992, Roma Skorobogatov and his friend Alikhan Khadzhaev were left without a livelihood. The latter had a visitor from Vladikavkaz, a brother named Teimuraz, who offered the guys a one-time job – unloading wagons with vodka. As a fee – goods. The guys carried out the assignment and soon tried to sell the vodka they received as a salary.

But the sale of alcohol turned into problems for unlucky businessmen. It turned out that the batch of alcohol was stolen from the crime boss Revaz Gudava.

Skorobogatov and Khadzhaev barely managed to escape from the bandits. The partners decided to lie low on the territory of Vladikavkaz.

However, the irrepressible energy and desire to rise will not allow the guys to sit still. Some time later, having gone through a long and difficult path, the guys bought a distillery and “drew” into the alcohol business – both promising and dangerous, criminalized.

You can make a fortune with it. But participants in this business always risk being killed in wars for money and spheres of influence. This is what the main characters will be convinced of when fighters from Revaz’s brigade try to capture Roma and Alikhan. Will entrepreneurs be able to escape from their enemies and keep their profitable business afloat?

The main character of the drama series is a sweet and charming girl, Mira, who madly loves her mother. The latter, a domineering and stern person, was never able to realize herself in ballet. Although all her life she dreamed of being the prima of a leading theater and a recognized dancer. But talent and luck were not enough to realize dreams.

And then the woman decides to achieve the success of her pink desires through her only daughter. At the request of her mother, she enters a choreographic school, although she does not at all want a career as a ballerina.

And just to earn the love of her cold parent, the girl makes every effort to become the best student at the dance establishment. Receiving the highest level of praise from her teachers, the world does not hear satisfaction from her mother, who seems to be not paying attention to her at all.

And it is true. The woman is now more concerned about another issue, her breakup with her beloved husband, who is moving from a small town to the capital, to his new wife. And then a plan of action matures in her head.

She forces their child together to enter the Moscow Academy of Choreography in order to be closer to his father and spy on him. But even this sacrifice is not enough for the psychopathic mother.

She pushes Mira to commit a crime in the hope that her beloved husband will come to his senses and return to her.

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