Why did I call you?

Disease and treatment

Peter called his friend to discuss his medical condition. Peter was not feeling well and decided he might need treatment. He asked a friend to help him determine what exactly was causing his illness. A friend named Candy was interested and decided to help Peter in this matter.

Looking for answers

Peter and Candy began discussing possible causes of the disease. Candy suggested that Peter wait and listen carefully to himself in order to better understand what was happening. They discussed and searched for answers for a long time, but could not immediately determine what made Peter sick.

Advice from mom

Peter remembered that his mother works as a doctor and decided to call her. She told him that in such cases it is better to consult a specialist. She also reminded Peter of the importance of listening to his body and not neglecting his health.

Friend’s experiences

Candy noticed that Peter’s hands were shaking and began to worry even more. He suggested that Peter seek medical help and not self-medicate. They discussed different treatment options and consulted with each other.


As a result, Peter realized that self-medication can be dangerous, especially if the problem is unknown. He decided to see a doctor and get professional help. Candy supported his decision and promised to support his friend in this difficult time.

Hi all! Today we will talk about how greeting and correction took place in the classroom. Sometimes, when students are not in their seats, it can be difficult for the teacher to control the situation. Let’s figure out what chaos happened in class B and how it was fixed.

When the teacher entered the classroom, he was a little stunned. The students did not sit in their places and talked to each other. One student even grabbed another’s hand, which was clearly against the rules. The teacher began calling out the students’ names, trying to bring them back into order. He turned to Katya, Smirnov, Barankina, Ryzhov and other students, but the chaos continued.

The teacher decided to try a different approach. He praised Sveta, calling her the smartest girl in the class. He said there was a lot of hope for her. The light beamed with pride, and this helped calm her down. Then the teacher asked Light if she could see him, and she answered that yes. It was a joke from the teacher, and he congratulated everyone on the First of April.

Now the teacher decided to establish order in the class. He began to name the students who were absent. Each student who was absent received a grade of two. The students were confused, especially Baranov, who was actually in his place, but was called absent. The teacher double-checked the list of absent students and corrected his mistake.

When the teacher was finished with the rewards and grade corrections, he offered all the students some buns. Some students refused, while others joked that they didn’t want the buns. It was an April Fool’s Day joke and everyone laughed.

The teacher emphasized that it was just a joke, and now everyone should return to their seats and begin the lesson. He reminded students that they must study and improve their grades. Then he announced that they would be writing a test.

When I first heard about the legendary character Hottabych, I thought it was just a fairy tale. But it turned out that Hottabych is not a fiction, but a real genie who grants any three wishes. This is truly amazing, because each of us has probably thought about what would happen if we had the opportunity to fulfill any three wishes. This could be anything from a garden for grandpa to a new pair of running shoes.

Desire to become an astronaut

My first dream is to become an astronaut. I have always dreamed of going into space and exploring the unknown depths of the Universe. However, it occurred to me that I was afraid of heights, and this might prevent me from realizing my dream. But when I heard about Hottabych, I realized that this was not a problem. I can just ask Hottabych to make me brave and confident. Then I can safely go into space and fulfill my dream.

Desire for new sneakers

My second wish is to get new sneakers. I love running and I know that the right shoes are very important to achieve good results. You have a pair of old sneakers, but they are already worn out and He need new ones. I can ask Hottabych for new running shoes, and he will make sure I get the best running shoes. This way I can improve my results and reach new heights in running.

Wish about the weather

My third wish is related to the weather. I live in an area where it often rains in the fall, and this can interfere with my plans and mood. Therefore, I want to ask Hottabych to make sure that there is no rain in the fall. I know it’s impossible, but if I have the opportunity to make three wishes, then why not take advantage of this opportunity? Maybe Hottabych will find a way to make autumn without rain.


Thus, Hottabych is a real genie who can fulfill any three wishes. Of course, this is just a fantasy, but if we had such an opportunity, what would you wish for? Perhaps you would have desires related to your family or career. Or maybe you would ask for something unusual that will help you experience new emotions and adventures.

Whatever you choose, it is important to remember that our desires can change our lives. We must be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us to make our lives better and more interesting.

On her way to work, Alina witnesses a car accident. Right at a pedestrian crossing, an unknown driver hits a grandmother and granddaughter.

The girl was only miraculously unhurt, but the woman was too seriously injured and died in the hospital, although the doctors tried to fight for her to the last. The search for the culprit of that fatal accident begins with the son of the deceased woman, who is having a hard time bearing the loss of his mother. Sergei is ready to throw any effort into this matter and seeks help from the only eyewitness of what happened.

A grief-stricken man wants only one thing: for the scoundrel to answer for his crime, and not to walk free and enjoy life as if nothing had happened. Alina, of course, agrees, not even suspecting that the criminal is her own husband. He was driving his mistress’s car and was distracted by the girl’s caresses. So the tragedy happened.

Vasily understands that he may soon be found, so he tells his wife that serious problems have begun in the business and he urgently needs to leave the city.

He himself rents an apartment with a secret love, where he spends all his time, sometimes coming to visit his son. It will soon turn out that this is not his last deception.

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