Joy to all who mourn

Ilyushin and Babkin are well-known frequent detectives in the city, who always have enough work.

The film tells how the naive artist Semyon Okhapkin encountered the provincial police and local authorities, the mores of the modern metropolitan crowd, momentary fame, greedy gallery owners and “big” money.

Nina is just over 30. Having never found true love, she decides to “give birth for herself.” But finding a normal candidate for the role of “dad” is not so easy. The resourceful Galina, who works at the center of reproductive medicine, comes to her sister’s aid. She selects the best “gene pool” for her future nephew. The donor becomes a chic and… unsuspecting client of the center – businessman Valery Uvarov.

IVF goes well, and Styopka is born… Six years later, the heroine’s life returns to normal: her son is growing up, she has a well-paid job, but… Fate clearly has its own plans for Nina. Suddenly she finds out that her boss, a cracker and a tyrant, turns out to be Styopka’s father.

The film is based on a unique, fundamentally new source of information about the Great Patriotic War: interviews with 17 thousand soldiers, recorded directly during the fighting.

These sometimes incredible stories allow us to reveal the course of the entire war in a new way: to talk about the feelings and experiences of the soldiers; about facts that contradict official history; about how war suddenly became part of the daily lives of millions of people.

The most unexpected, bright and revealing stories from this unique archive will be voiced by popularly beloved artists. Also, the film will feature the participation of a few veterans who have survived to this day, the transcripts of conversations with whom have been preserved in the archive.

Student Masha is visiting her father in a small village near the Dalneye railway station. On New Year’s Eve, despite the blizzard, the girl is going to go to Moscow to see her fiancé Sergei. But the father categorically refuses to let his daughter go.

And on the Novosibirsk-Moscow train, Mashin’s groom Sergei is traveling to the capital. Next to him are his parents, whom he dreams of introducing to his bride. But it is not possible to get to Moscow – by chance, the carriage in which Sergei is traveling turns out to be abandoned alone on a dead-end branch near the Dalneye stop.

Maxim Savelyev, a graduate of the 11th grade, the self-centered and spoiled son of an oligarch, receives a television program as a gift (his mother really wanted to glorify her child). But at the very first shooting, Maxim learns that participation in the program will not glorify him, but on the contrary, this “show” will disgrace him in the eyes of his friends.

The fact is that the program is dedicated to the holiday of Scarlet Sails graduates, and the main characters there will be graduates from different social strata (Egor is disabled in a wheelchair, Nikolai is the son of a military man with attacks of fear, and Anya was brought up in overly strict religious rules), and the culminating event of the program will be the swim on a ship on the Neva…

Maxim makes a scene with his parents for “such a valuable” gift. This scandal becomes the last straw in the relationship with his father. Valery Viktorovich Savelyev achieved his wealth through his own labor and he had not liked his son’s quirks for a long time.

He gives his son an ultimatum – either participate in the program or join the army. Maxim does not want to serve and the next day he comes to the set, but… then a whole chain of events begins that puts the release of the program in jeopardy and Maxim rushes to save the show he hate.

Tanya works as a salesperson in a popular furniture store. She copes well with her duties, fully satisfying the requirements of the owners and joyful customers who leave her with a satisfied smile.

But the girl’s personal life did not work out at all, until one day fate brought her together with an amazing person. Oleg is an attentive, caring, purposeful and charming man whom she dreams of marrying. The couple’s relationship is developing rapidly.

The charming beauty finally heard the cherished proposal and, of course, answered it with joyful consent. However, before she had time to think through the details of a fun and unforgettable wedding, tragedy struck. The lover dies under the wheels of a car.

A fatal incident negates everything. The driver who caused the accident escapes punishment because he turns out to be a wealthy man. It was not difficult for him to come out of the water clean.

Before the main character has time to recover from the shock, she loses her job, her only source of income. And my ten-year-old daughter is waiting at home.

Tatyana understands that she should not give up. She pulls herself together and unexpectedly receives an invitation to an interview with a construction company.

Sveta’s story can be called a fairy tale about a provincial Cinderella. She was born and raised in a simple family. As a child, she was not pampered with expensive toys, was not showered with gifts, and was not particularly pampered with branded clothing.

But at the same time they gave her affection and care, promising a wonderful future. She understood that she could only achieve success if she worked hard. After all, she has to rely only on herself and no one else. The girl graduated from school with honors, coming home with a gold medal.

Next was admission to the Academy of International Relations. It is here that the girl meets a wonderful guy, promising and charismatic. Kirill comes from a wealthy family, but this did not in any way affect his behavior or arrogance. He is kind, sympathetic, charming and very attentive.

He easily managed to charm the freshman. Their relationship developed rapidly. It was getting close to the wedding. This situation did not suit Alina.

She, being very young, fell in love with Kirill and over the years counted on reciprocity. A rival can disrupt her grandiose plans for her chosen one. She decides to interfere with the couple and frames Svetlana, after which the life of the main character will go topsy-turvy.

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