The most important

But will Nikita agree to give up the woman he loves so easily?

Dasha is 20 years old, she lives in a provincial town and works with children in an art and educational center. Dasha has a grandmother, and no one else: her mother died several years ago, and all Dasha knows about her father is that he died before she was born… But the moment comes when the grandmother decides to reveal the truth to Dasha.

It turns out that Dasha’s father did not die at all… He is alive and well, lives in Moscow and does not know that he has a daughter… Dasha goes to Moscow to meet her father – Vladimir Bestuzhev. Vladimir is a businessman, owner of a restaurant.

He is handsome, confident and belongs to the category of men “without age”. Vladimir enjoys great success with women, but he has never been married, preferring an easy, open relationship, without any obligations.

The appearance of an adult daughter does not please Vladimir at all, for him this is a problem that needs to be solved… Will father and daughter truly become family? Will Vladimir be able to take a fresh look at his life and understand what is most important to him?

Once upon a time there lived a tyrant and tyrant businessman Mukhin. He would have continued to live like this, torturing his household and subordinates, if… If the hunt for a secret killer had not begun for him, he would not have had a faithful friend Pchelkin, a reliable security guard Mikhalych and a little daughter who became friends with an angel.

At thirty-seven years old, Marina leads the most ordinary life of a modern divorced woman: she is raising her twelve-year-old daughter Ksyusha alone, and works as a teacher at an art school. It seems to Marina that her life has already been lived, and nothing new will happen in it.

But everything changes when Marina accidentally meets Nikita. The young man falls in love with her at first sight and is ready to do anything to be with his beloved. Marina also has feelings for Nikita, but the trouble is that he is only twenty years old.

The age difference does not bother Nikita – he is ready to marry Marina. But Marina is frightened by this prospect; she is sure that those around them will not approve of them. She hesitates, and finally runs away from her crazy love to the city of her childhood.

Marina’s parents introduce her to their new neighbor Igor. He is positive, responsible, in love with Marina, and most importantly, he is her same age. Marina agrees to become Igor’s wife.

A primitive TV-style film with all that it entails; In addition, the plot, in my opinion, is not completed. The main character, not even having recovered from her suffering, simply succumbed to the persistent advice of her compassionate parents, shrugged her shoulders and married a completely left-handed stranger in order to live with him, eat, sleep..;

Of course, she’s an enviable partner: with both money and data, she doesn’t seem to be deprived, but the question is: did she really love Nikita, if just a few days after the sad breakup, she doesn’t mind imagining someone else next to her?

The boy was “merged” so quickly and quietly that only bewilderment remained: the logical continuation would be revenge on Marina Vladimirovna by his parents, but suddenly an end is put. Everything is too banal and simplified, everyone was completely satisfied with everything.

Nikita is a great guy, he went to the end, and Marina is a wuss. For that matter, it was immediately necessary to give the suitor a firm turn, because… This story could not end with anything good, which was clear from the very beginning. As a result, succumbing to temptation, the woman ruined the lives of both herself and others.

The matter must be completed
I recently came across this film on TV, there wasn’t much to watch, I was hooked, I thought I’d watch it. It cannot be said that this is something original – a standard, passable film. But still, a love story between a mature woman and a young guy is quite rare.

And the whole picture seemed to be quite tolerable, with an obvious set of cliches, but it was interesting to watch, I was waiting to see how it would end. And nothing good. The ending was terribly disappointing. Poor directing and editing.

The central event of the film, and I consider it exactly that, was crumpled to smithereens. Until the credits roll, you have little idea what happened there. It was shown as something insignificant and illegible.

Like, guess for yourself, and this is not an open ending, but just a ragged montage. I kept waiting for the situation to be clarified, because what followed were events that were, well, unremarkable at all. I waited and waited, but no one bothered to explain.

The film ended on some broken frame, right in the middle of the scene. The first thought was as if the channel had been interrupted. But no, that was the end.

Igor Belikov worked as a contract soldier for a long time and, after many years of continuous service, decides to send him home to visit his father. The old man was sick and was glad to see his son arrive. Everything in the hero’s town has changed and it seems that the unofficial masters of the situation are now influential crime bosses.

Townspeople prefer not to get involved with gang members, because they know that such amateur activities can end badly for them and their loved ones.

But Igor is not a timid man and during his life he managed to destroy more than one strong enemy. Belikov unwittingly finds himself in the midst of trouble, having become a victim of an attack from some thugs. He was able to single-handedly fight off the criminals, and then steal their van, which had valuable cargo inside.

As a result of this brawl, a real and merciless hunt is announced for the guy. The man has no choice but to attract the attention of law enforcement agencies to this confrontation. But very soon the story takes a completely unexpected and intriguing turn. As it turned out, everything that happened was organized by Igor for a reason, as was his appearance in the province!

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