First autumn of the war

First autumn of the war

A modest symphony orchestra musician is forced to go to the frontline zone to save his family. And at the end of his journey, he understands that his homeland has one common misfortune and nothing can be worse than this.

Journalist Sasha Taranov is trying to cope with the death of his beloved wife, resorting to the recommendations of a venerable psychotherapist. Wanting to drown out the pain of loss, he commits extravagant acts bordering on outright madness. Having abandoned his job and his usual way of life, he spends his days wandering around the city.

On his way, he meets three women – LIKA, OLGA and ANNA, each of whom can become his saving medicine and a thread leading to the light. But first he has to unravel the mystery of the sudden disappearance of one of them.

Moscow psychological detective
Practically, unusual events occurring in the life of the main character are shown in first person. A young man, a writer and even partly a mystic, who has seen life’s sorrows and is looking for a new path to becoming. He meets girls with different fates, but who equally believe in hope and love.

Love is still the central theme of the film, albeit in such a bizarre form.

A leisurely, measured narrative, a little gray, a little strange, but leaves a pleasant contemplative impression.

For lovers of unusual domestic films.

To view unusual facets of everyday reality, relaxed and leisurely.

Victor is the owner of a fashionable restaurant, but things are not going well there. All hope is only for New Year’s Eve, because all the tables are already booked, but December 31st comes and the chef and the whole team leave the restaurant.

It would seem that everything is lost, and then Olesya, the owner of a kitchen at home in a village near Moscow, appears in the restaurant.

She brought cakes, which Victor quite accidentally ordered from her and even managed to forget about it. Victor invites Olesya to become a chef for New Year’s Eve.

She refuses, Olesya promised her son Kirill a New Year’s fairy tale with fireworks.

Victor persuades her to agree, he believes in her and knows that Olesya has a special gift – to awaken the best memories in people with her dishes.

Will Olesya and Victor be able to perform a real New Year’s miracle: feed all the guests with special dishes and fulfill their promise to Kirill?

Late 1980s. While parents fight for survival, children abandoned by everyone gather in street flocks and fight for the asphalt.

Literally, to control everything that stands on “their” land or moves on it. In the midst of general poverty, there are clear rules of life, support and a boy’s word, which is stronger than an oath.

14-year-old Andrey is from an intelligent family, he studies at a music school and lives with his mother and five-year-old sister.

The guy regularly faces pressure from street teenagers and, to protect himself, makes friends with gopniks. One of them, 14-year-old Marat, becomes Andrei’s guide into the complex world of the streets.

Journalism student Matt Buckner is expelled from Harvard for a crime he did not commit. His promising career has gone down the drain, his future is uncertain.

Seeking refuge, a young man flees to London to live with his married sister Shannon. Her husband introduces Matt to his younger brother Pete. After becoming friends with Pete, Matt discovers the world of football.

Here he finds new friends, new troubles and finds himself in the company of crazy football fans who are ready to throw any victim on the altar of their passion.

Alexandra was born into an intelligent family, where her parents always looked after and cherished their beloved child. Vigilant control over her daughter was perceived by the kind and charming girl as something natural.

Even as a teenager, this did not cause her a storm of indignation and a flurry of negative emotions. And the fact that Sasha’s life has already been planned by his family is also accepted. The girl grew up beautiful and smart, graduated from school with honors. Easily entered medical school, everything was just as her loved ones dreamed of.

She tried to live up to their dreams and hopes, not to let them down. Further according to the plan: get a good job, get married, especially since there is already a groom – Andrey, caring and promising. But everything changes dramatically in the heroine’s life when, driven by a noble impulse.

She goes to a provincial village to help close relatives who find themselves in a difficult situation. Despite the desperate entreaties of her father and mother, this time the compassionate daughter does things her own way.

There, in a distant village, Sasha, trying to care for her sick aunt, encounters death for the first time. The woman is dying. After a tragic loss, three grandchildren remain orphans; their grandmother was the only relative who took responsibility for the children.

Sasha decides to foster the kids, and there she also meets her true love. But how will her dad and mom, who are already not happy with what’s happening, perceive this news?

Special services agent Vlad Artemyev received information that a meeting of security forces veterans would soon take place. The event will take place in one of the mountain villages. According to reports, there will be a person present who is involved in the death of Artemyev’s mother and father thirty years ago in China.

Terrorist Khaleb Massab, an authoritative criminal in the criminal community, also became aware of the secret briefing. This militant had long ago opened a hunt for the organizer of the operation. During which his brother, also a representative of a radical group, was eliminated.

And then the day came when Vlad arrived at the mountain hotel. With horror, the agent realized that he was the only guest who was not captured by a detachment of fierce militants led by Massab.

Artemyev decided, acting without anyone’s support, not to wait for reinforcements, but to get involved in a battle with two dozen superbly armed thugs.

Will an experienced law enforcement officer be able to independently conduct an effective assault? Will the intelligence officer be able to think through combat tactics in such a way as to eliminate Khaleb Massab himself? What goals are pursued by the ruthless terrorists who have taken many hostages?

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