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Novoyugansk has a high crime rate. Phenomena such as contract killings, smuggling, and implementation of corruption schemes are becoming more and more frequent. The main local crime boss remains the bandit known as Fomin. In particular, the thief in law took control of the local port. Novoyugansk representatives of law enforcement agencies are not able to resist banditry.

To counteract criminals, an operational special brigade is being created, headed by FSB general Trapeznikov. The Flying Squad arrives in the city. The senior leadership appointed the seasoned Lieutenant Colonel Kirsanov to command this unit. In Novoyugansk, only the head of the trade union of port workers, Rodionov, effectively fought the organized crime group.

But this brave man died. Fomin again managed to escape punishment. Kirsanov decides to arrange what is called live bait fishing. Major Artemyev will work undercover, who is ordered to play the role of a visiting businessman with criminal connections and ingratiate himself with Fomin.

Companions in the “Flying Squad” begin preparing the operation. Meanwhile, a young fighter from the special forces Grushin fell in love with a local resident.

The head of the Laguna company agreed to testify to detective Angela Polonskaya, but he was killed by a sniper. The investigation was entrusted to homicide department operative Gennady Murzin. The killer who killed the head of the company turned out to be retired special forces soldier German Zavyalov.

Soon he met with Seva’s employer, a member of the Nevskaya organized crime group. And received another order. This time the mercenary was tasked with eliminating the commercial director of the same Laguna, Rakitin.

His wife Zina was killed by gangsters, and the dodgy widower managed to escape abroad. This is not the last death of people associated with the same company. Chief accountant Osokin suddenly “drowned herself” in the bathroom.

Polonskaya received a call from Rakitin and suggested they meet at an abandoned factory. During the meeting, the man was killed, and Angela was kidnapped by Herman. Vitya Karataev, who is the captive’s lover and colleague, rushes to the scene of the incident.

As it turns out, the insidious Herman was hiding at the plant, who started a complicated and dangerous game. What kind of multi-move weapon was conceived by a high-class killer with vast combat experience and unconditional tactical talent? Will the operas be able to neutralize the mercenary and his all-powerful employer?

By 1925, the NEP flourished, the Red Terror ended, public freedoms were partially restored, and the well-being of citizens grew. However, there is also an increase in crime. One striking example was Ligovka, the most criminal and dangerous district of Leningrad.

Many locals are forced to join the thieves’ environment from childhood. In the labyrinths of dark courtyards it is convenient to organize bandit raids. Power in Ligovka was taken over by the mysterious and cunning crime boss Lyokha Chert. And into this hell the Komsomol Provincial Committee sends Lenya Samoilova to work in the local police department.

The young man loves books about Holmes. The trainee finds intriguing mystery and romance in forensic science and crime fighting. The head of the UGRO Shmakov drew attention to the obvious talent of the newcomer and decided to provide support to the promising personnel.

But Samoilov is finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on work, because he has fallen in love with Evgenia, the adopted daughter of his boss and patron.

However, the girl gives preference to Vasya Krasilnikov, the best opera singer in the League UGRO. Leonid does not intend to give up. A young Komsomol member will fight for his beloved and continue the war with groups.

A middle-aged man woke up in an unfamiliar place. The main character has lost his memory. I had no idea what his name was. Only fragmentary pictures flashed in my head.

A character with amnesia begins to search for at least some clues, hoping to find out what is happening. Among the clues is a postcard with a message left by a certain Peter.

Little by little, the main character begins to receive answers to some questions. It turned out that he is an agent of the secret FSB special unit Andrei Lazarev. The operative has many successfully completed missions under his belt. It turned out that he is a universal soldier who shoots accurately and fights masterfully. A real machine for killing criminals.

Alone he can cope with even a crowd of opponents. And Peter, who left the message, is his colleague and curator. The combat skills that were developed over years of hard training did not disappear: muscle memory did not fail. Further investigation revealed that the agent received the injury and amnesia as a result while performing a mission of national importance.

Now the intelligence officer needs to return to the mission and disrupt a deal to sell weapons to an organized crime group. Along the way, Andrey will continue to restore his memory.

To investigate the daring robbery of a large jewelry store, Major Kupriyanov and Captain Rustam Palashkin arrive at the regional police department, where the seasoned captain Igor Sokolov, nicknamed Sokol, serves. Both immediately become fierce enemies of the Falcon.

An officer with a difficult character already has a huge amount of trouble.

So they also sent Kupriyanov and Palashkin. And they only get in the Falcon’s way. The captain was recently kicked out of the house by his beloved, he was almost removed from service for his addiction to alcohol, and he also fails to catch one gang.

The bandits, led by an authoritative criminal nicknamed Chaus, continue to carry out one raid after another.

Their illegal enrichment is gaining momentum and is gradually acquiring enormous proportions.

After some time, Igor Sokolov nevertheless picks up the trail of one of the elusive robbers. The investigation leads the operative to the house of an attractive girl named Polina.

The romantic captain quickly falls in love with a stranger, not suspecting that in front of him is Chaus’s ex-wife. Will she reciprocate the officer’s feelings? Will the detective be able to find and pin down the members of the robber group? Is this woman still associated with the group?

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