A man who doesn’t want to marry me

The charming beauty Evgenia Lisitsina is in euphoria of happiness.

Andrey and Elena have been living together for 10 years. They have not formalized the relationship, but live in a civil marriage. Despite this, Lena considers herself a married woman and does not allow herself to go out on the side. Andrey considers himself a free person.

Civil marriage without a stamp in the passport, which means you can have relationships with different women. When this became known, the relationship was destroyed.

But feelings for each other remained, so after a while, thanks to the help of friends, the lovers reconciled again and were ready to resume their previous relationship. But there was a “small” problem.
Andrei has already started dating another girl, Vika, the daughter of an influential official.

She had such a hold on the man that she had no intention of letting him go. When Victoria realized that she could lose Andrei, she came up with a pregnancy, which she informed not only her beloved, but also her father. The parent began to put pressure on the man to force him into marriage. He interfered in the life of Elena and even her friends, tried to destroy their careers.

At some point, Lena realized that she could no longer fight for Andrei. She let him go so that Vika could pick him up. Preparations began for the long-awaited wedding, but just a few days before the celebration, the groom arranged a meeting with Lena to convey an important message to her.

Nadezhda holds the responsible post of director of an orphanage. She not only has to take care of children who have lost their mom and dad, but also deal with negligent parents who have lost their rights to their children. And again, Nadya must listen to the reproaches and claims of one mother, Tatyana, who is trying to find out the whereabouts of her child.

Her daughter Sveta was adopted by other parents, and her mother wants to see her. But the director cannot disclose this information. As a result, Tanya commits a rash act – she steals Nadezhda’s daughter Dasha.
To deal with this problem, the trustee of the orphanage, Alexander, gets involved in the case.

It is he who is the adoptive father of the very girl whom the inconsolable mother was looking for. Alexander turns to his good friend Dmitry, who works in the police. Thanks to his efforts, Dash is quickly found and returned to Nadya.
After this incident, Nadezhda gets to know Dmitry better, and mutual sympathy arises. However, Nadya has another suitor – Alexander. In addition, she still has to get her ex-husband, who is bedridden, back on his feet. Will the heroine be able to sort out the candidates for her heart in order to make the right choice?

Dasha Panteleeva is pretty, young and successful in her career, but despite all these positive aspects, she is a deeply unhappy person. The girl grew up in a wealthy and loving family: dad is a successful businessman, mom is a creative person, a sculptor.

And the heroine herself, thanks to perseverance and hard work, was able to achieve impressive heights on television. For those around her, life seems like a fairy tale, but few people know that behind all this illusion of well-being, anger and hatred have been hiding for many years.

Her parents still cannot forgive her for that mistake, the tragedy 16 years ago, when they entrusted Daria with keeping an eye on her little sister Ida. The girl was distracted for a few minutes and the three-year-old child seemed to disappear.

In any case, the mother does not miss the moment to remind Dasha about that incident and also that she will never become their own, because, unlike Ida, she is adopted.

Against the backdrop of all this endlessly depressing pain, the heroes will soon find out that the dark secret of the past has not sunk into oblivion. But is only waiting for the right moment to strike a painful blow. The baby’s disappearance was not a fatal accident.

There is someone who wants this rich family to suffer every day and he continues to settle scores with them.

Asya is desperately trying to start her life from scratch and completely forget the past. She experienced a real tragedy, which brought her a lot of mental pain and despair.

The heroine of a dramatic film essentially does not remember anything that happened to her before she was 11 years old. She has no idea who her biological parents are or why they abandoned her. Or maybe they had an accident.

Then, as a teenager, she asked herself many questions. But her conscious existence begins from the moment the girl is adopted by a compassionate woman, whom she will call mom. True, their life was difficult and there was never enough money to buy food. Nevertheless, her mother Irina is the closest person to her, whom the grown-up Asya is now trying to take care of.

A chance acquaintance with the charming and smiling Dmitry turns the beauty’s life upside down. She plunges headlong into the luxurious and influential life of the Vasiltsov family. Only the groom’s relatives are not delighted with the choice of a rich heir. This was not the kind of bride they wanted for their beloved son. But the guy turns out to be persistent and firm in his decision.

Asya herself still does not suspect what secrets she will have to reveal in her new family, where her main blood enemy will be her own mother, whom she lost many years ago, and now she has unwittingly crossed the road.

In her life, everything is going well and promising, reminiscent of a fairy tale come to life. She is young, smart, pretty, has built a promising career, and the man of her dreams made her an offer that she could not refuse, reinforcing the seriousness of her intention with a diamond ring.

What else could a young woman with her whole life ahead of her dream of? But one unexpected knock on the door destroys the whole illusion. A little boy appears on the threshold of her house, claiming to be Zhenya’s son, mortally ill and in need of her help.

Smart Leo did not deceive, he really needs urgent surgery and time is no longer on his side. But most of their surgeons refuse to operate on an incurable patient, since, according to their assumptions, it is useless. The only one who can save him is the brilliant luminary of surgery – Vadim Safronov. True, now the experienced specialist is experiencing a personal tragedy and is not currently operating on children. Will he agree to make an exception for Lev and Evgenia, since he is their last hope? It looks like Lisitsina is trying to convince him!

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