Saturday Wife

Maria suspects that Anton, out of resentment towards her, is planning to marry her mother.

Anna Polonskaya gave up her career and devoted all her time and attention to her family – her daughter Polina and her husband Vlad. One day Anna finds out that Vlad has taken a mistress, and in order not to divide property during a divorce, he transferred everything to his brother, and began to threaten Anna that he would take away his daughter. Anna is forced to fight for her daughter and urgently look for work.

After unsuccessful attempts to find a job, Anya accepts an unusual offer from businessman Yuri – to portray his bride in front of her mother on weekends.

After a dramatic divorce, Yuri does not want a serious relationship, but his mother persuades him to get married. Anya soon realizes that she has begun to fall in love with Yuri, but there is a clause in their contract that if feelings arise, they immediately break the contract.

One thing is true: Anya and Katya’s relationship with their new stepfather causes mistrust and disagreements. Will they be able to overcome this barrier and find understanding with each other?

She persuades her sister to interfere with this wedding in order to thwart Anton’s plans. Maria believes that by uniting, they will be able to cope with this situation and protect their family from the vindictive intentions of their future husband,

Irina works as a postman, receives a small salary and, according to many, this is thankless work. But the heroine herself does not focus on material wealth. After all, for this she has a beloved Denis, a former sailor who now works as a mechanic at a local factory.

Their relationship should have been called ideal, if not for one sad nuance – the young woman could not get pregnant. She had already used all possible methods until one day she heard the final doctor’s verdict that she would never have children.

Ira avoided this topic all the time and did not know how to tell her beloved, because he would be upset, since he really dreamed of a child. But there is nothing to do.

They talked. Of course, Denis was upset, but assured his wife that everything would remain as before. And rumors have already spread throughout the small province and are already being carried by others that have reached Irina. Tamara is desperately trying to take her husband away from her and is ready to do anything.

To everyone’s chagrin, Irina’s mother falls ill and requires urgent surgery, but it can only be done in Europe. Where to get such an amount? Torn between the struggle for her mother’s life and for her half, she accidentally encounters a gloomy herbal ranger. He claims that he can help the parent, but in return he asks for a favor.

The beloved comedy series is returning to screens. The film offers the audience a current topic of modern society on the problem of teenagers growing up and the attempt of parents to control young maximalists. If this is even possible?

Each adult uses his own unique method and approach to his own child, trying to achieve a good result and understanding. The story of two families of the same name, whose children were mixed up many years ago due to the negligence of the medical staff of the maternity hospital. The truth was revealed sixteen years later.

The shocked couples did not even imagine such a turn of fate. How is it that their little blood was raised by strangers, while at the same time they were taking care of another child. But now, after the truth has been revealed, a compromise must be sought.

Moreover, one boy grew up in poverty, and the other in prosperity and luxury. With nothing to do, the characters decide to meet to unite and give their children the opportunity to recognize their real biological father and mother.

Of course, there were many difficult moments, misunderstandings, tricky intrigues, as well as funny and absurd events, but no one promised that it would be easy. After all, no one will do this for them or solve the problem.

This couple in love met and got to know each other completely by accident. A spark of sympathy immediately ran between the young people.

The relationship developed rapidly, and very soon a simple and sensitive romance quickly grew into something more serious. The guy is sure that this girl is exactly the one with whom he would like to build a relationship, a family and raise future children.

He proposes to her to become his wife, and the beauty agrees. Now it’s up to the most important thing to tell the important news to relatives and one and the other party. And since this romantic story took place at the junction of two Asian cities of Astana and Shymkent, the viewer can guess that the heroes of this plot are people who honor their customs, traditions. And if not the younger generation, then the older generation definitely tries to adhere to folk rituals. But it seems that after the relatives were confronted with the fact, this news did not cause them much delight.

The first, Zhannette and Tolik, were confident that their daughter would marry the minister’s son, the second, hoped that their son would choose a bride who would be modest, flexible and quiet. It looks like preparations for the upcoming celebration threaten to turn into serious confrontation and hostility.

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