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Daria will soon turn 30 years old. And it seems that the girl will not be able to boast of the special successes that she achieved for her anniversary.

Having escaped from her husband Kirill, Vasilisa decides to open her own small business. But her husband is not going to let her go and is trying to destroy her business so that, left with nothing, she will crawl to him on her knees.

Vasilisa is helped in everything by her friend Svetochka, who dreams of marrying a rich prince. But it’s not Svetochka who is destined to meet the ideal man. Alexey falls in love with Vasilisa at first sight. His ex-girlfriend Dasha intends to win him back by any means

Martha’s happy life collapses in an instant when the customer refuses her architectural project, on which the management made big bets. Having quarreled with her boss, Marta leaves her favorite job, and to top it all off, she finds out that her husband has a young mistress.

To distract herself and figure out how to live on, Marta goes to a country holiday home, where she meets. Oleg – he also came here alone. A romance begins between Marta and Oleg, which quickly develops into a serious feeling. But soon a new blow falls on Martha: Oleg has a wife, and his daughter is the girl with whom Martha’s son is in love.

Alla was in a car accident in which a woman died. She decided to help the family of the deceased and offered widower Kostya a job. He didn’t refuse – he needed money. Over time, Alla realized that she had unwittingly fallen in love with Konstantin…

Ahead of the heroine lies a series of dizzying events and trials, thanks to which she will not only reveal the secrets of her past and find her lover, but will also face the most difficult choice in her life.

Vova and Mishka are brothers who are used to being outside the law and risking their lives every day. Vova completely forgot the last time he smiled. He believes it was in childhood. This bandit also surprises the criminal environment with his oddities.

For example, love for the work of Vertinsky. Mishka is the right hand of his charismatic brother. A silent and fearless assistant, loyal and ready to tear anyone apart for Vova. Mishanya is also a tall and handsome handsome man who is very popular with the opposite sex.

Gentlemen of fortune fear the revenge of the Tambov gang and flee to the Baltic states, where they intend to lie low until better times. In addition, the partners had problems with the mayor.

The brothers regularly supported the politician, even paid him tribute, for which he provided them with preferential tax conditions for doing business. Vova and Misha owned a tavern.

But suddenly the mayor became hostile towards them and seemed to have forgotten about the loyalty of the brothers. Life has shaken these adventurers, and they are already planning to move to distant Brazil. But, finding themselves in a seaside town, the relatives change plans again and still decide to stay. Men open their own businesses and intend to join the power structures. Using their familiar and proven gangster methods for this ambitious goal.

They grew up in a single-parent family, always competed in everything and were always dissatisfied with everything. Now Slava is 31 years old, he is educated and intelligent, however. Not having found his place in the sun, he lives one day at a time. Marina, the older sister, suffers from the “early star” complex.

At the age of 20, she was a presenter on one of the first music channels, and the whole country recognized her. Now she is 36, no one needs her on television for 15 years. Marina works wherever she can, continuing to dream of the silver screen. Suddenly the Belyankins receive news of the tragic death of their father, who abandoned them many years ago.

Since his new wife also died in the accident, and there was no will. Slava and Marina turn out to be the only heirs and receive control of a small hotel in the seaside town of Anapa.

The first desire of the brother and sister – to sell the business and divide the money – is immediately shattered, as it turns out that there is a third heir.

Their father still has one more son from his new marriage, 15-year-old Max. Not only must Slava and Marina manage the hotel until Max turns 18, they must also become the boy’s guardians.

And in some mysterious way, the three stars of this hotel unite the fates of three members of one long-destroyed family.

Olga works as a teacher. The teacher lives with her husband Kirill Klimov, who is a law enforcement officer. The couple may seem flawless. But in reality, both have dark secrets. A woman does not dare admit to her other half that for physiological reasons she will never be able to have children.

And the unfaithful spouse, in turn, secretly goes to the massage parlor every now and then to have fun. One day the Klimovs were celebrating a housewarming.

Suddenly, Kirill’s brother, whose name is Misha, one of the richest, most influential and at the same time dangerous people in the city, arrived at the banquet. The guest assures that he wants to make peace and invites the relative to forget past grievances.

But the investigator refuses to renew the relationship, knowing that if the brother showed up, he was up to something wrong. Unfortunately, in the future it will not be possible to get rid of how many types. Olya unwittingly became drawn into the confrontation between the Klimov brothers. The situation escalates to the limit when Kirill is suddenly put behind bars for a long time.

Meanwhile, Misha made the main character a suspicious but tempting offer that she finds difficult to refuse. What will be the fate of a strong woman?

Artyom Steklov, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department for combating drug trafficking, will face terrible trials. With the help of his partner, the operative had to detain the son of the crime boss Khromov, whose criminal group had established the sale of prohibited substances in Sochi with impunity and was trying to expand its sphere of influence.

The operation of law enforcement officials is successful. It was possible to arrest the subject. However, the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs send Tyoma and his family out of harm’s way to a quiet place where they can lay low for a while.

Still, there is a big risk that angry members of the drug syndicate will take revenge on the detective and his innocent relatives. True, some time later the mafiosi figured out the whereabouts of the main character. The gangsters have so far been able to take revenge directly on their offender.

But instead, the criminals killed his wife and seriously wounded his daughter. The widower is beside himself with anger. The fighter rushes to one of the southern cities to brutally get even with his wife’s killers. And even if the fight between a lone hero and an organized crime group is not equal. Steklov intends to see the matter through to the end. There’s no stopping him.

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