Butterfly wings

Zoya was once a happy wife and mother, loved her job in kindergarten and lived a serene life.

Boris Bogomolov experienced a lot not only in his past life, which he abandoned due to a terminal illness, but also in the tiny town of Solnechny, where he now works as a literature teacher eras. The man first found out that his once beloved woman,

Marina, drank herself to death, and their common son, due to the lack of relatives, was sent to an orphanage, from where he later escaped and is now a tramp nothing.

Along the way, Boris deals with a gang of drug dealers and until the last moment he is confident that justice will prevail.

But instead of the long-awaited justice, local investigators and witnesses are subject to pressure from much more powerful forces.

At the center of the story is a small Ural town, where the main source of income is the profession of a miner. It is located between mountains and rivers, and the only way out is a bridge.

During Soviet times, this city was closed from prying eyes because uranium mining took place there. Even after the fall of the Iron Curtain, when anyone can come here, it is still not crowded with a large number of people from other countries and cities.

As in any other town of this type, its local residents know each other well and their destinies are closely intertwined.

Lesha Antipov, the main character of the series, returns home after contract service in the army. During his long absence, nothing much changed in the city, but it was on the day of his return that a terrible event occurred that shook the entire city community: an accident occurred at the local mine. The culprit was natural disasters previously unknown to the residents of the town.

The townspeople manage to survive such unusual anomalies, but they soon learn that they are isolated from the whole world. The military cordoned off the city and blocked the only way to freedom, explaining this in one word: “Quarantine.”

Residents of a small provincial town called Ozersk are afraid to leave their own homes. Especially the weaker sex. The fact is that a psychopathic maniac has appeared on the streets, who brutally deals with women, disfigures their faces and bodies.

Nobody wants to find themselves in the shoes of another victim. All law enforcement forces are deployed to catch the murderer, a daring, self-confident and cunning man who is always one step ahead of the operatives.

During this difficult time, Maria Vornotsova, the wife of a famous local businessman, quarrels with her husband, after which she mysteriously disappears.

The head of the police department, Boris Novinsky, entrusts the investigation to his daughter Alina. Who has repeatedly proven to others her professionalism and fundamentally serious approach to the matter. First of all, she goes to the house of a possible murder victim.

Meeting Mark changed her life. Communication with him awakened romantic feelings in her heart. They turned out to be mutual. The deaths have stopped. Disappearances too. Four years have passed since then. Investigator Novinskaya is happy with Vorontsov, until one day he goes on a business trip, where he meets a woman very similar to his first wife.

First-class car models, a luxurious mansion and worship of the fair sex – for Alexander Bars, all this is ordinary attributes of his wealthy life.

A man can’t even imagine his carefree existence any other way. The popular creative personality and successful author of many best-selling books is undoubtedly a treasured trophy for many hunters. Currently. The hero lives in a magnificent country house with his mother and only daughter.

He is no longer in a hurry to get married. Two unsuccessful marriages were enough for him Especially since there is no end to his fans. Because the circulation of his works is steadily growing, which contributes to his enrichment.

He is a master of the detective genre who was able to channel his artistic talent in the right direction.

True, Sasha never expected that one of his fans would begin to bring his intriguing stories to life. Who is this calculating killer or a psychopathic maniac who needs the help of specialists?

To answer all the questions that have arisen and try to solve the chain of high-profile crimes as soon as possible, the writer is involved in the investigation.

Maria Koroleva is a charming major who heads this business. Does not let anyone down and her priority is always work, and then her personal life.

And then something broke and she lost everything. For two years now she has been receiving treatment from a psychiatrist. During which time she has experienced memory loss more than once, and she even tried to commit suicide.

Now she is better, but her daughter has lost the habit of her, her husband married someone else, and although the family still takes care of Zoya, this is no longer her family.

Arriving at the dacha to visit her ex-husband’s parents, she feels like a stranger and useless to anyone.

It is on this day that a strange burial is found not far from their village. Under a concrete slab lie the bones of a man who died two years ago. The police are identifying him and interviewing local residents. No one recognizes the deceased except Zoe.

And that same night, another murder occurs. The case is being led by investigators Tatiana and Pavel, already familiar to us. Now they cooperate as equals, and it seems their relationship has only become more complicated.

The resort town of Limansk on the Black Sea coast is shocked by the brutal murder of local photographer Arkasha. Senior detective Marina Orlinskaya, like the others, has no idea who harbored a grudge against everyone’s favorite. But after conducting a search in his house, she understands. Arkasha was far from being so simple.

All the evidence indicates that the photographer was killed by his own brother, but all the shadow forces of Limansk are laying claim to the deceased’s inheritance. Investigating this case becomes more and more dangerous: Marina fears for the lives of her nephews. Abandoned in her care by her frivolous sister, and then she herself almost becomes a victim of an assassination attempt. But Orlinskaya will not retreat and will not calm down – even when she finds the killer.

She feels that the hand of the criminal was directed by someone else, someone too smart and cunning to leave traces. And this invisible man threatens not only Orlinskaya, but the entire quiet, lazy and careless Limansk.

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