Summer of Wolves / Drops of Blood on the Blooming Heather

Andrei Frolov is an honest and experienced criminal investigation operative who does not want to accept the harsh working methods of his colleagues.

The young lieutenant, still recovering from a serious injury and a complex operation, is sent on leave by management. For the first time in a long time, a fighter comes to his native land.

The village, surrounded by forests, is located far from the front. At first glance, almost nothing has changed here. One of the few places in the Soviet Union untouched by the war. However, the main character gradually begins to understand that something wrong is going on in the village. The lieutenant’s beloved, who once promised to wait forever, does not even want to communicate.

The countrymen suddenly began to pretend that the arriving fighter was a stranger to them and to avoid him. The grandmother, whom the young man considered the closest person from childhood and associated with his guardian angel, also behaves strangely.

The compassionate old woman asks to remove the awards decorating the tunic, and most importantly, to stay away from the forest. Next, the front-line soldier learns that serial murders are taking place in the village. The brave lieutenant realizes that the danger comes from the dark wilderness of the dense forests, and begins his own investigation. To find the ruthless killers, the character must find out which of his fellow villagers are in league with the criminals.

In a small village called Kuchok, which is located in the Ural forests, lives a young girl named Alena Morozova. This girl has one peculiarity – she is blind. It would seem that in this case such an activity as needlework would be inaccessible to her, but in fact this is not at all the case. Alena is a magnificent lacemaker. Despite her blindness, she masters a very rare technique of weaving Palestinian lace. The girl creates incredibly beautiful things with her own hands that can amaze anyone, especially when he finds out that the needlewoman cannot see.

Alena lives with her father Stepan Morozov, who loves his daughter very much and is ready to do anything for her. On top of that, almost all local men strangely fall in love with the girl, which causes great envy among other women.

Once the famous couturier Mosini, who lives in Rome, learned that in the Russian outback there lived a needlewoman who created amazing lace. The man, by all means, wants to get these things for his collection. He is so obsessed with this idea that he leaves his affairs in Rome for a while and goes to Kuchok, hoping to persuade Alena to work for him.

At the center of the film is the life story of Bayram and Salih, who were born and raised in the same village, but it so happened that they could not find a common language with each other, get along with each other, and were constantly at enmity.

But in the end, for the sake of reconciliation, they promise to marry their children Melek and Kerem when they grow up. And now the day has come when Bayram and Salih must fulfill their word. Meanwhile, Bayram moved to Istanbul, started his own business and became the owner of a huge fortune.

Salih continued to live with his two daughters in the same village near Mudanya. He failed to open his own business and become equal to Bayram. And then one fine day they knocked on his door and asked how to get their children married.

One thing they did not take into account: their children had long lived different lives, they had their own dreams, deeds and loved ones. The young people, who were making plans to avoid this forced marriage, began to look for various ways to solve this problem.

When your home is full, you are surrounded by your beloved children and a loving husband, anyone will say that you are a happy woman. Vera lived for twenty years without knowing any great troubles or heavy worries.

A caring and hard-working husband provided prosperity, while Vera herself completely devoted herself to home and raising children. She sincerely believed that it would always be like this. But not a single door, even the strongest one, can save you when fate itself knocks on it.

Vera’s whole world collapses literally in one day. First comes the terrible news that her husband died during a robbery on his car. But before Vera even has time to realize the fact of her husband’s death, she is attacked from all sides by some people demanding huge amounts of money.

Vera, who has never delved into her husband’s affairs, is horrified to learn that he has long been not the successful entrepreneur that Vera believed him to be. He owes everyone around him. And even the house in which they lived so happily belongs to the bank. To top it all off, an unfamiliar woman appears on the threshold of the apartment, declaring that she is the legal wife of the deceased.

Sasha Polyanskaya is young, beautiful, she has a wonderful husband and a prestigious job. The house is full, caring parents, faithful friends… But everything collapses in an instant when, on the day of her thirtieth birthday, Sasha finds out about her husband’s infidelity and at the same time loses her job. It’s time to admit to herself that her whole happy life was just an illusion.

Instead of supporting Sasha, her relatives are preparing a new round of tests; her friends have no idea what is happening to her. There is nowhere to wait for help. And then Alexander appears in Sasha’s life – her second self. He is not at all like his owner – bright, decisive, ambitious.

Just the way Sasha herself should be. It’s not easy for Sasha to accept her new identity, and Alexander’s advice seems dubious to her – too similar to provocations. But over time, she will learn to trust him, or rather, herself, that part of herself that has been silent all this time. Will Sasha be able to change himself and his life? And will she be able to stop in time so that, despite the changes, she remains herself.

If a person accidentally makes a serious mistake, should he be severely punished for it? Where is the criterion of his guilt? Who will take on the role of judge? Natasha Korsunova is young, beautiful, smart. She happily lives in love, understanding and respect.

She is confident that the world was created especially for her. Her father is a respected doctor in the city; he has helped more than a dozen babies be born. But one day he fails to save either the mother or the child during childbirth. And her husband, distraught with grief, Alexander Maltsev, blames him for everything. A little over a year has passed.

Time has brought only minor changes to the fates of the heroes. One day, during her traditional morning jog, Natasha meets a young man. It turns out to be Alexander. The girl “loses her head.” Smart, unlike her friends, with a certain secret, Alexander completely occupies Natasha’s time and heart.

When she introduces her beloved to her father, Alexander immediately disappears from her life. What happened? Did Alexander’s hatred for the “killer” spread to his daughter? Or was meeting Natasha part of a planned revenge? And what can true love do? The characters in the film are trying to find answers to these questions.

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