Black Dog

Katya secretly loved Dmitry, and Gustas was in love with Lisa. Lisa and Dmitry broke up.

Brief summary of the series Impatiens 1, 2, 3, 4 – Literally from the first year, Sveta and Anya became good friends. The girls enjoyed spending time together, telling various stories about the past. Now the students are making plans and looking for suitable gentlemen for themselves.

Meeting Mikhail helped Svetlana understand that this guy was simply meant to be with her.

But the new acquaintance became interested in her friend and point-blank refused to notice the other girl’s signs of attention. Anna herself vowed not to interfere in her roommate’s relationship and refuse to allow Mikhail dates.

Another evening, when the girl accidentally stayed late at the university, a fan decided to take her home and changed everything radically. Misha pushed me to understand that he is a truly good and interesting person. A smooth friendship grew into true and sincere love.

Now the guys spend all their free time together, walking around the park and talking about various topics. Anna forgets that her friend has long been hopelessly in love with a young man. Sveta becomes furious when she learns about her friend’s actions.

She is ready for meanness in order to destroy the couple and take the place of the happy student. From a best friend, the girl turns into a terrible enemy, capable of much to achieve her intended goal.

In a remote village, life goes on calmly and without any memorable events. The first beauty in the village, Sonya, has drama in her personal life. She loves the local blacksmith Roma. He constantly works, and his wet muscles make the girl crave him.

The heroine often invites him on dates and reminds him how they walked together in their youth. She tries to dress openly, showing the beauty of her figure. He tries to treat his loved one, impressing him with his culinary skills. But the effort is of no use. Roma does not reciprocate and constantly says that he is busy, so he will not come to the date.

Sonya is in despair, she roars and listens to her friend’s soothing phrases. The lonely girl does not suspect that she also has a rival. After all, Roman recently saved a slender blonde drowning in a river and temporarily settled her in his house until she came to her senses. At first, the girl is constantly silent and afraid of people.

She doesn’t remember anything from her past. Who is she? An ordinary homeless woman? Or a mermaid, a ghost? Or maybe a real angel or, for example, a witch. Rumors begin to spread throughout the village that Roman is harboring evil spirits. Roma clearly has loving feelings for the unsociable but beautiful stranger.

Max is a successful advertiser from St. Petersburg. He is young and attractive. In addition, he is happy in his personal life – he adores his wife and little daughter. There was a case where a man was returning from a corporate party in a drunken state and hit a black dog that suddenly jumped out onto the highway at night.

The driver lost control and flew off the highway, crashing into the van of an old gypsy fortune teller named Uana. Waking up after a traffic accident, Max learned that the gypsy had died. The unfortunate man was charged with negligent homicide.

Oddly enough, neither the body nor the blood of the black dog was found nearby. However, the strange events did not end there. Soon the advertiser began to regularly have prophetic dreams. For a long time he tried not to pay attention to them.

A little later, a highly qualified lawyer hired by Maxim’s company brilliantly won the case.

Leaving the courthouse, the main character ran into the old gypsy Alexian, who turned out to be the widower of that same deceased fortune teller.

The inconsolable husband said that the deceased was not only a fortuneteller, but also a sorceress, and that Max would face terrible retribution. The conditions for revenge, as it turned out, are sophisticated.

Slava meets with Lyuba, he sincerely loves her and is thinking about marriage. But his mother is categorically against such a daughter-in-law – rustic, selfish, impudent.

Mom really likes the quiet, sweet and kind Tanya. To ensure her son’s happiness, she arranges it so that Slava breaks up with Lyuba, and in order to forget her, marries Tanya. However, Slava himself cannot forget Lyuba.

He accidentally finds out about his mother’s intrigues, breaks off the marriage, and returns to Lyuba… And Tanya is left alone to raise the child, which she did not confess to her husband out of pride… She begins dating a man who accepts her with the child .

But everything changes again when Slava loses his job and ends up in the hospital… Who really loves Slava – Tanya or Lyuba? Will Slava return to Tanya or is it all over between them forever?.. Who will Tanya choose – the one who helped her in difficult times, or the father of her child?

Two sisters Anna and Polina were brought up in the same conditions, but grew up completely different in character. Anna is responsible, sympathetic, kind, received an education and became a lawyer. Devastated Polina drove off to Moscow to pick up a millionaire, but in the end she was left alone with a child in her arms and returned home.

Having learned that her sister has contacted a crime boss, Anna decides to talk some sense into her. Polina, in response, declares war on her sister, deciding to take her husband away from her, quarrel with all her relatives, and prohibit her from seeing her nephew, to whom Anya has sincerely become attached. Will the sisters be able to give up their enmity or will they hate each other forever?

Which side will Anna’s husband go to and what position will her parents take? And finally, will Anna save her sister who tried to ruin her life?

Katya and Sasha love each other and are going to get married. While meeting their parents, the heroes learn that their families are sworn enemies. Rich businessman Roman Gordeev, owner of an underground casino, unexpectedly comes between the lovers.

Gordeev will stop at nothing to win Katya. But Katya is devoted to Sasha, and her younger sister Lisa is literally obsessed with Roman. Circumstances are against them and the lovers are forced to separate, but will Katya and Sasha be able to give up on each other?

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