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Now the girl has reached adulthood and can make her own decisions..

Music teacher Lyudmila Pavlikova was nicknamed Peacock by her students. It may seem that the children do not really relate to the teacher. But in fact, children perceive it positively. The woman is thirty-six years old. She is lonely and lives with her mother.

Lyudina’s favorite student is ten-year-old Katyusha Odintsova. The ward tries to be a matchmaker and arrange the teacher’s personal life. The girl is trying to marry her father Victor to Pavlikova. This man has been divorced for a long time. Katya is sure that he feels bad without his wife. But Vitya, like Lyuda, for that matter, has lovers.

Pavlikova is building a relationship with the famous successful artist Igor Fokin, and the single father is building a relationship with the sexy owner of a beauty salon, Anya. Fokin and Anna hide their selfish and mercantile interests by using Lyudmila and Victor, respectively, for their benefit.

When Vitya’s daughter is suddenly kidnapped, the music teacher supports the hero and helps with the search for the captive.

Will common trials bring these people closer together? What does the slippery guy Igor really want from Lyuda Pavlikova? Why did the attractive and cynical manager of a beauty salon bewitch a lonely man? Will this unfortunate man be able to find his kidnapped daughter?

Olya has been married to Igor for a long time,the couple has an adult daughter named Masha, the family lived happily in their cramped but cozy apartment in one of the Moscow districts.

But discord began in the relationship between the spouses when Igor wanted to seduce his daughter’s charming friend Ksyusha.

Olya is not going to forgive the traitor. A determined woman kicks out a traitor, who turned out to be not such an ideal family man as the main character naively imagined. After some time, the divorce process begins. The guilty man has no choice but to move in with his pretty mistress, with whom he is having a passionate affair. Even everyday difficulties did not bother Igor: he would have to live not only with Ksyusha, but also with her impressive mother Irina.

True, it soon becomes clear that it will not be possible to build a serious and long-term relationship from this affair. As a result, the husband who has been on a spree returns home to his wife. Being a selfless and empathetic woman, Olga did not find the strength to put Igor out the door again and leave him to his fate. The situation in a small apartment is explosive. How will the spouses behave further in this situation?

Marina’s life is developing in such a way that you couldn’t imagine anything better. This charming young girl has a job that gives her pleasure and brings a high income. A rich dad is always ready to help his daughter financially or use his extensive connections to resolve many issues. In general, life passes without dramas, conflicts and absolutely terrible events.

In her destiny there is a place for a loving man, whose name is Anton. Everything is fine, and there are no troubles on the horizon. However, there is a problem that mars all this beauty. The heroine is not sure about Anton: well, he doesn’t seem to her like the man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life! She often fantasizes about her ideal family: a cozy home, everything is fine, next to her is a loving, faithful and worthy man and the children from her marriage with him.

A truly large-scale tragedy suddenly occurs and turns Marina’s world upside down. At the mine, a terrible event happens to her father. Wanting to investigate the circumstances of the incident, the girl goes to the place where the tragedy occurred.

At the mine, Marina meets a man named Yegor. Romantic feelings arise between them. Should the daughter of a rich man start a new life by starting to build a relationship with Yegor?

At the age of 45, an intelligent man was able to achieve tangible heights. He has a beautiful wife and a huge fortune. Everything falls apart like a house of cards when, after returning home early, a man finds his other half with his lover. The shocked man immediately packs his things and forces the traitor to leave the house. By evening, the rich man’s health worsens.

Going to the hospital and undergoing a thorough examination brings an unpleasant result. It turns out that the man has no more than a month to live. Realizing that he is not ready to rewrite the business to his traitorous wife, and his companions are not worthy of taking a significant part of the income for themselves, the hero remembers the rightful heiress.

More than 15 years ago, he tried to build a relationship with a provincial girl, but a beautiful romance ended in separation and the birth of a daughter. The mother forbade him to communicate and help the child, so the entrepreneur never sees the little blood.

Realizing that too much is at stake, the main character packs his things and heads to a small town, where love, disappointment and a lot of trouble await him.

The head of the regional homicide investigation department, Colonel Samokhin, and his subordinates are urgently called to the scene of a high-profile crime. This time, the commercial director of the Avtokom corporation, which has long been viewed with suspicion by law enforcement agencies, became the victim of the order.

The head and owner of this company is a former thief in law named Makhrov. His subordinates are engaged in a variety of illegal activities. The crime boss is in shock during his interrogation with Major Surkov. The bandit won’t know who dared to send a killer to his man.

Even the seasoned and seasoned director of Avtokom in the criminal world is scared. War has been declared on his business. This is completely inappropriate now, when a huge consignment of drugs has been brought into the city, which is divided between two groups.

The first is headed by Makhrov, the second by a young and fierce scumbag Valery Pritikin, nicknamed Gruzd. It is this young man who becomes the main suspect in ordering the murder. Moreover, immediately after the bloody crime, Gruzd and his accomplice Chekun show up at the modeling agency supervised by Makhrov, and boldly declare that this company now belongs to them. But business cannot be overcome so easily, and a war between two clans begins.

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