Summer holidays

The modest physiotherapist Olga Solovyova has been divorced for a long time and is raising a teenage son.

This beautiful and at the same time comical story could only happen in Abkhazia, in a country in which ancient customs are still preserved, in which guests are always received with a wide table and a full glass.

Two friends, students – Peter and Denis, go on summer vacation to Abkhazia, to visit Peter’s grandfather. A surprise awaits at Grandfather Peter’s house…

This geographical location has its own laws and customs. Here everything is possible and everything is from the heart! Denis falls in love with an Abkhazian girl, Tinat, and she reciprocates his feelings. They have to struggle with circumstances. This is a beautiful and at the same time comical story, filled with the atmosphere of Abkhazian hospitality, the wonderful beauties of this amazing country and the exciting adventures of the main characters.

How to fall in love in Abkhazia and get a wedding from your parents
Once again, too many times to count, my rating for the film coincided with its rating on the site, but nothing else can be done, because “Summer Vacation” is both good and weak at the same time.

Despite the fact that this is Pavel Bortnikov’s debut work, the effort put into it was quite acceptable. The film, in its best moments, is light and entertaining, as befits a summer romantic comedy. For example, it has a surprisingly tempting beginning, in which one can feel, I would say, a youthful freshness of view. There is also beautiful cinematography and good editing.

Surprisingly, the most dangerous scene in the climax is also executed perfectly, although it would be the easiest scene to screw up. But the director was not afraid to turn things up a little to get a decent result. Plus, the actors are very likable, if you forgive them for their not always confident acting.

It turned out great!
A very unusual story that made me happy and sad. Although in fact this is an ordinary melodrama. But the plot drags on.

Lyuba, performed by Daria Ekamasova, turned out to be a very original girl. I wouldn’t say she’s unattractive. She just doesn’t have time to take care of herself. And she is a very desperate heroine who managed to change her life and fight for love and dreams.

Vadik is such a local womanizer that all local women are crazy about him. And he didn’t know anyone’s refusal. To be honest, it seems to me that Sergei Zharkov is very suited for such roles, hooligan guys. A very bright character.

And in fact, he turned out to be not such a flighty womanizer at all, but a very reliable and good guy. ‘You have to be responsible for the market. The boy said it, the boy did it. And he knows how to take responsibility for his words and be responsible.

The whole life of ugly Lyuba is a hopeless black streak. The girl is lonely, people in the town make fun of her, and her mother is trying to set her up with a rich old man and get away with her as quickly as possible.

Probably, the “ugly duckling” would have had a sad ending if Lyuba, driven to despair one day, had not decided on a crazy scam that turned life in a small town upside down. A girl steals money from a bank and runs away with “the first guy in the village,” promising him a million in one single nigh,,

The unsuspecting photographer Odysseus received from his uncle an ancient medallion with enormous power – the amulet of Alexander the Great. Odysseus, who knows nothing about the power of the treasure, is visited by bandits who are ready to do anything.

Until recently, Daria, to the envy of everyone around her, was a happy wife and mother who lived a measured and prosperous life. The husband idolized his wife and spoiled their joint teenage daughter, Yana. But one day the idyll of harmony will be destroyed by the tragic news of the death of the head of the family.

Daria will have a hard time surviving this fatal and irreparable loss, but she is a mother and must be strong. After all, she still has to raise her and take care of her girl. There is another bitter disappointment that weighs on the young widow and that is that she is hiding the truth from her daughter.

About the fact that her dead dad is not her own. Many years ago, a woman, hoping to finally get pregnant, decided to undergo IVF from a donor. But the whirlpool of fate and the past will at some point meet in a certain place and the truth will definitely come out.

And that’s when a successful and wealthy oligarch, the unmarried Shcherbakov, appears in the life of a small family. His appearance will force the mother to confess to Yana, but what does the businessman himself need from them? The heroines will find out about this later, but a man who is used to planning his life and all the events in it in advance clearly found it difficult to end up on the threshold of their house.

Larisa grew up in a loving and caring family, where her loved ones cherished her, giving their princess the best. The daughter, in turn, pleased her family with her academic success and, after graduating from school, she entered a prestigious university without much difficulty.

Everything seems to be going well in her destiny, but one circumstance always weighs down and torments the young lady, and that is her childhood. According to her parents, she was born in a provincial village called Olkhovka and lived there with her old grandparents.

But one day there was a terrible fire and only Lara survived, then after the tragedy, her mom and dad took her to the city.

But one day, as if by fate, Larisa finds herself in that very village. Oddly enough, she remembers perfectly where the very house in which she was born stands. The girl is surprised to see the remains of ashes; an abandoned and dilapidated wooden house appears in front of her.

Entering unexpectedly, the guest finds a family album with photographs in dust and confusion. Now she is sure that all this time she grew up in a foster family.

Where are her real father and mother? She must find out the truth, otherwise this painful obscurity will haunt her for the rest of her years. What truth will be revealed to the heroine, and will her life change after this?

One day a new patient appears in her office – reserve colonel Mikhail Zorin. He is undergoing rehabilitation after another injury. Mikhail is fascinated by Olga’s beauty and pays attention to her earrings with sapphires, which suit her so well. Feelings flare up between Olga and Mikhail, they begin to live together.

However, Olga’s son is opposed to the stranger. He is sure that Mikhail is not who he says he is and appeared in their house for a reason. Blinded by love, Olga does not believe her son. Soon someone makes an attempt on Olga’s ex-husband.

Suspicion falls on Mikhail. Perhaps her son is right, and she let a dangerous criminal into her life. Olga conducts her own investigation and learns a terrible secret that those closest to her are hiding from her.

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