Other people’s children

Brother and sister Belyankin disliked each other since childhood

Successful businessman Sergei leaves his wife Lena and daughter Asya for his new beloved Natasha. Asya is acutely worried about her parents’ divorce. Because of this, she develops health problems, which she hides. Natasha gives birth to a daughter, Katya.

Sergei is happy and hardly remembers his first family. At some point, Asya’s condition becomes critical, she is taken to the hospital with suspected leukemia. To save Asya, donor cells are needed, but Lena and Sergei’s cells are almost unsuitable for Asya. The doctor suggests that little Katya could become a donor. Lena asks Sergei and Natasha for help.

Having been refused, he rushes to a stranger who promises to help solve the problem. Sergei still manages to persuade Natasha to help Asya, but on the way to the hospital he is severely beaten and Katya is kidnapped.

Just yesterday Anya was a happy wife expecting the birth of her baby. But the family idyll turned out to be false and collapsed in one moment. The husband treacherously leaves Anya and goes to someone else, and this betrayal becomes only the beginning of a dark streak. Immediately another misfortune befalls Anya – the girl loses her child.

But Anya’s misadventures do not end there. The new neighbors begin to force the girl out of the communal apartment and do not hesitate to use any means to get her room.

Anya’s life is turning into hell, the whole world seems to have turned against her… Will the girl be able to find someone who can protect her and finally get rid of the nightmare about a moth burning in a fire?

Olga Nikolaevna is a strong-willed woman and the head of the housing and communal services, who is quite happy with her life. She is the mistress of the house and at work, completely controls her husband Roman Pavlovich and protects her daughter Varya.

The only one who does not fit into her happy picture of the world is her son-in-law Victor, from whom her beloved daughter is due to be born one of these days. And then one day the barrage of mutual claims becomes so great that right on a family holiday the situation gets out of control.

During a gang war, a random bullet deprives a happy family of a young son and his father – his voice. After a year of intensive training, the boy’s dad becomes a nightmare for enemies in any shootout, chase or hand-to-hand combat. On the anniversary of the tragedy, he intends to play a non-stop symphony of retribution for everyone who stands in his way. Now his actions will speak louder than any words.

Vera is a responsible and lively village worker, one of those who “stops a galloping horse.” She is a beacon keeper, a huntsman, a beekeeper, and a permanent guardian of order.

Vera succeeds everywhere, but there is no happiness in her personal life. Her husband cheats on her, and, having driven him away, the heroine is left alone with her daughters.

It seems that no changes are expected in Vera’s life, but suddenly a doctor from the city comes to the village. He immediately notes that in front of him is not a commander in a skirt, but a beautiful woman.

I look at the list of actors involved in this film, and for some reason I don’t see Alexei Yanin in it. Apparently, he was embarrassed to add to his filmography… But in vain, Alexey, in vain! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Besides, you are the only bright spot in this whirlpool of passions.

The cheapness of the filming process is rushing through all the cracks. The scenery, the script, the acting… Everything is ridiculous, awkward, similar to a local amateur performance.

Once upon a time, two classmates who were completely different from each other moved to St. Petersburg without a word. One is smart, but not beautiful, she received an education and built a career. The second is a glamorous horse, of course, blonde and stupid. The scriptwriters did not neglect stereotypes at all.

You look at the description of the film – it seems like there is intrigue, but in reality… There is no need to talk about predictability – it is already clear, you won’t have to wait for cool drama and unexpected turns. But you can present an old story with a new sauce for the millionth time. It seems to me that it is precisely because of such projects that our cinema is stalled, squandered on trifles.

But let’s return to Ioannina. That’s who came up with a good image of an office villain and just a scoundrel in life. I don’t know if it was Alexey himself who got into the role so well, or the scriptwriters took special care to write his character down to the smallest detail, but watching his intrigues was a sheer pleasure. Everything is really very twisted with him. You know, usually in films they don’t bother with a villain, but here all the moves are calculated perfectly.

And now about the bad… The worst horror, unconditionally, belongs to Alexandra Mareeva. I don’t know who advised her to become an artist, but it’s complete darkness. He re-acts worse than Baba Yaga in the district Youth Theater. And her costumes in this film are just so dark… Cheap rags, hanging snot. In the story, she is a lady – a boss, a businesswoman. And to hell with them, tasteless suits, to each his own. But they are obviously so cheap that it hurts my eyes. In a film aimed at a female audience, such punctures are inappropriate.

Olga Medynich, familiar to the viewer from the TV series ‘Traffic Light’ (if, of course, he, the viewer, turns on the TV). And this same series is the very niche where Medynich’s talent came in handy. Not worth it to a big movie. Even if with a postscript (TV).

Overall, I don’t recommend watching it. Unless you’re stuck in the kitchen cooking borscht, and there’s absolutely nothing on TV.

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