All that Handsome Man wants now is to quietly and peacefully serve until retirement.

An experienced detective from Veliky Novgorod with the unusual surname Krasavets, after a conflict with a criminal businessman, is transferred to the position of a simple district police officer in the Central District of St. Petersburg. All that Handsome Man wants now is to quietly and peacefully serve until retirement.

But every time, unexpectedly for himself, he finds himself at the epicenter of criminal events. Either he is drawn into a showdown between a crime boss and colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then he is looking for the kidnapped head of the main department, or he catches an elusive killer.

The life of an experienced operative from Veliky Novgorod with the memorable surname Krasavets (the emphasis is on the last syllable) has changed after the war with a crime boss. The security officer was transferred to St. Petersburg and demoted to an ordinary district police officer. The hero just wants to work peacefully until retirement. But how can this happen to such a daring man who is not afraid of anyone? Of course not.

All the same, he is constantly drawn into criminal disputes or risky operations. Either he takes part in a conflict between the group and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then he is forced to look for the kidnapped head of the main headquarters. Then he wants to pin down a sensational killer, then he pinches arms dealers.

In addition, the policeman was hospitalized more than once after being beaten. Sometimes he had to work undercover and, for example, play the role of a bandit in front of suspects. Sometimes the opera was threatened with a live grenade, but he miraculously remained alive.

He knows psychological techniques to extract information from even notorious criminals during interrogations. However, sometimes he uses harsher methods – he can move the butt or break the arm of the criminal. The major’s work is nervous. He also has problems in his personal life, and he is pretty tired of being a bachelor.

The events of the new season of the series will again be built around the brave investigators of the Internal Affairs Directorate. The Gers will face trials, after which they will not only have to expose new enemies, but also realize what kind of relationships bind ATC officers to each other.
Another case based on a terrorist threat. Police officers found a car containing an explosive. During the investigation, colleagues have no doubt that the criminal’s goals were more complex than it seems at first glance.

The fighters’ theory is also proven by the fact that a few days after the first explosion, a car filled with an improvised explosive device appears in the city. Having examined its contents, forensic experts come to the conclusion that both explosives were the work of one person.
Complicating the capture of the criminal is the fact that days earlier the heroes almost caught all the organizers of the terrorist attack.

They established a connection between the buyer of the bomb and its manufacturer. Police officers set up an ambush. But at the most crucial moment, events began to develop differently from the script. As a result, internal affairs officers missed one of the participants in the criminal deal. However, they managed to detain the manufacturer and seller. Now, in order to prevent new terrorist attacks involving car bombings, police officers will have to pursue the buyer again. He is the lead to the capture of all participants in the criminal transaction.

Roman Shilov continues to fight with werewolves in uniform, and the man develops new methods of confrontation. He has to get used to paperwork, but previously he felt great about operational work and controlled the activities of the city police. That’s just how many people there are, so many opinions. Not everyone appreciates Roman’s fiery disposition. Recently, Shilov has been overly eager to fight for the truth.
The new season will tell about Shilov’s promotion. Now he is the head of the Criminal Investigation Department. The heads of various departments are subordinate to Roman Georgievich. Shilov always pursued certain goals, he wanted to make sure that everyone remained in their place.

So this time he offered Pavel Arnautov to take a leadership position, but he refused. As a result, Lieutenant Colonel Kazakov appears and takes the vacant position.
Shilov and Kazakov disliked each other from the first days, and they began to have a serious conflict. The latter always adhered to certain methods in his work, was distinguished by his straightforwardness and did not want to act on someone else’s orders.

The cop wars are flaring up with renewed vigor, and no one is going to give in in this serious struggle.

The main character of the melodramatic film, Nadezhda, a young resident of a small provincial village, was quite happy with her existence until a certain point. The girl’s mother herself was proud of her daughter, who graduated from high school well and was able to enter a university.

After all, the woman raised the child herself, denying herself in many ways, and always dreamed that her girl’s life would be much better than hers. So the little family lived in love and friendship, making plans for the future, until one day one unpleasant incident radically changed their measured existence.

Nadya, planning to take a little break from her studies and drab everyday life, goes with her friends to a noisy disco. It is there that the conflict happens, between her and the local “major” Valentin. After this, the young lady decides to urgently leave her native land and go to the capital to live with her dad, whom she has never seen in her life.

Fortunately, the father turned out to be a wealthy person with the necessary connections. He received the sudden appearance of his daughter with surprise and joy and now, following his conscience, he is going to provide his child with a life that one can only dream of. But all this is only at first glance, smooth and rosy. In reality, everything turns out to be much harsher and tougher.

The intriguing film begins with events that turn out to be fateful for two complete strangers. The chance acquaintance of the heroes on the eve of the New Year radically changes their entire usual existence. 35-year-old Anna is an otolaryngologist at a local clinic. In her free time from work, she helps all the residents of her building as a doctor and considers this the norm.

After all, she is a servant of a noble profession and it is her duty to provide medical care to everyone who needs it. In the past, the woman had a long, bright, but unpromising affair with a married man. 38-year-old Andrey is a middle-class businessman.

He is a little rude in character, but kind and sympathetic. The young man has already experienced an unsuccessful marriage once and now prefers to take a more fundamental. Approach to choosing his future chosen one. Two personalities from different dimensions meet in a city shrouded in pre-holiday bustle, when she is in a hurry to meet a young man, and he heads to the restaurant to see his bride.

The main characters get into a minor accident, and the Internet and mobile communications in the area are turned off. An unusual encounter will change their lives forever.

Anna Nikolaevna is a talented mathematician who could always find a common language with her students. Now she teaches at one of the city schools, where she tries to pass on her knowledge and skills. To her students, without singling out the most gifted among them.

She is used to treating everyone equally with patience and understandin.

Trying to make her lessons interesting and convey complex material to each of her students. True, the latter do not treat her very well, rather they are biased. What made the teacher change his teaching tactics. Now the woman, in response to obvious rudeness, behaves extremely rudely.

She is not used to praising students; she only requires them to listen carefully to her in class. The main character treats others this way for a reason. In the past, she experienced betrayal from loved ones, so she stopped believing everyone. One day fate brings her together with Captain Vershinin.

She helps him in the investigation of complex criminal cases, using mathematical methods. In this she has no equal. The man was initially critical of her methods. However, he soon became convinced of their usefulness. This unusual technique in forensic science is also recognized by the police officer’s colleagues – Lieutenant Goncharenko and expert Ekaterina.

Major Vershinin has been working in the police archive for several years. He was always distinguished by enviable patience and pedantry and was accustomed to working with documents.

It seemed that no one could handle this routine process better than him, which required a special approach.

Therefore, it was a complete surprise for him to be appointed to the post of head . Management orders are not discussed. The man goes to the border Portovoy to begin his new duties.

The department staff greeted him frankly coldly, and some even with hostility. Nobody trusts a new person. Subordinates expect a dirty trick at any moment. Some allow themselves incorrect expressions. Andrey reacts to these attacks calmly and tactfully puts the insolent people in their place.

He did not come here to prove his professional suitability. The main character begins to investigate complex cases. Journalist Anna Loginova becomes his faithful assistant.

Together they will have to expose the shadowy owner of the city.

The series takes place in 1745. Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna cannot have children. The only one to whom she can pass the throne after her death is her nephew Pavlusha. He is Peter III, who, to her chagrin, does not shine with intelligence.

The crowned lady cannot allow this and therefore makes a different decision. She marries the Tsarevich, waits for the birth of a boy from this marriage and takes the child to her to raise him as a true emperor. The cry is thrown. Brides from the most famous houses come to the capital, including the charming Fike. A young beauty whose descendants were kings of Prussia.

The girl dreamed of a fairy-tale prince and hoped that in distant Russia the happiness and love that she had read about in novels would await her. But the reality turned out to be much harsher.

In an unfamiliar and snowy foreign land, palace intrigues, conspiracies, treachery, betrayals by courtiers, many spies, the pickiness of the ruler and the indifference of her foolish husband awaited her. She clearly realizes that in this “snake’s den” she can only trust herself and her intuition. In another case, she, and then her offspring, are in mortal danger here.

To show her willpower and unbending character, Catherine will have to enter into an unequal struggle for survival, try to get rid of her opponents, and bring her comrades closer to her. There is no turning back now, the die has been cast. She is going to defend her right to the throne at any cost. But will the power she craves so much bring her happiness?

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