Very interesting film perimeter

Hot perimeter Novoyugansk has a high crime rate. Phenomena such as contract killings, smuggling, and implementation of corruption schemes are becoming more and more frequent. The main local crime boss remains the bandit known as Fomin. In particular, the thief in law took control of the local port. Novoyugansk representatives of law enforcement agencies are […]

Tiger trail

We are conducting an experiment here, hiring former criminals to serve in the police. In a small village located in the taiga of the Primorsky Territory, the hereditary huntsman Pavel Shirokov lives. One day, a daring crime occurred on his property: poachers shot two Ussuri tigers. On the same day, traffic police officers stopped an […]


Lyubov lived quietly with her common-law husband named Maxim. The professor’s daughter Lara works as a nurse. She lives in an old house in which traditional values are preserved – mutual respect and good neighborliness. The property is considered elite and is located in one of the central areas of Moscow. In recent years, many […]

Plastic Queen

Masha Gromova is seventeen years old. The almost adult “plastic princess,” as some call her, lives in a small provincial town. Her dad is the manager of a large plastic production plant. Her friends Svetka and Anzhelka are jealous of the major girl who receives a lot of money. Gromova herself is madly in love […]

The wind will dry your tears

Olga is happy with her fate. There is well-being and financial prosperity in the family. The main character lives happily with her wealthy, generous and caring husband Vlad and children in a cozy and beautiful house. And when I have free time, I practice the art of photography. But after one tragedy, a protracted dark […]

He met his first love

He met his first love The main characters of the action-packed film are two sisters Irina and Anastasia, so similar in appearance, but in character they are completely opposite personalities. Ira is a modest, quiet and kind school teacher, Nastya, bright and mischievous, is a singer in a nightclub. One day, the latter asks a […]

Messing’s student

The series takes place in 1966. Two decades ago, everything happened exactly as Wolf Messing predicted. He was Stalin’s personal psychic and a hated opponent of Hitler. As he predicted the complete defeat of the fascist army in World War II and predicted this not figuratively, but with precision in dates. Messing had a unique […]

One against all

Arrival in Primorsk of the new head of the district department of the Internal Affairs. By this time, Yegor had managed to establish order in the area entrusted to him. The number of crimes has decreased markedly. Zhzhonov, like a sheriff, exterminated and imprisoned lawbreakers. And he even felt a certain power over the bandits. […]


All that Handsome Man wants now is to quietly and peacefully serve until retirement. An experienced detective from Veliky Novgorod with the unusual surname Krasavets, after a conflict with a criminal businessman, is transferred to the position of a simple district police officer in the Central District of St. Petersburg. All that Handsome Man wants […]


COOL WAR FILM FOR MEN! – I serve the Fatherland! / Russian detective novelties The main events begin to unfold after the end of Ertugrul’s era and the advent of a completely new period, during which his son Osman ruled. The powerful and far-sighted relative left behind a worthy legacy, which must now be continued […]