All that Handsome Man wants now is to quietly and peacefully serve until retirement. An experienced detective from Veliky Novgorod with the unusual surname Krasavets, after a conflict with a criminal businessman, is transferred to the position of a simple district police officer in the Central District of St. Petersburg. All that Handsome Man wants […]


At first glance, Nadezhda has a happy family. But while she devotes herself entirely to her family, her husband is having an affair with the boss’s wife. However, the deception cannot last forever – the boss finds out the truth and Oleg is fired from his job. Afraid of losing her apartment due to debts, […]


COOL WAR FILM FOR MEN! – I serve the Fatherland! / Russian detective novelties The main events begin to unfold after the end of Ertugrul’s era and the advent of a completely new period, during which his son Osman ruled. The powerful and far-sighted relative left behind a worthy legacy, which must now be continued […]

Very interesting film perimeter

Hot perimeter Novoyugansk has a high crime rate. Phenomena such as contract killings, smuggling, and implementation of corruption schemes are becoming more and more frequent. The main local crime boss remains the bandit known as Fomin. In particular, the thief in law took control of the local port. Novoyugansk representatives of law enforcement agencies are […]

Tiger trail

We are conducting an experiment here, hiring former criminals to serve in the police. In a small village located in the taiga of the Primorsky Territory, the hereditary huntsman Pavel Shirokov lives. One day, a daring crime occurred on his property: poachers shot two Ussuri tigers. On the same day, traffic police officers stopped an […]


Maxim makes a scene with his parents for “such a valuable” gift. Maxim Savelyev, a graduate of the 11th grade, the self-centered and spoiled son of an oligarch, receives a television program as a gift (his mother really wanted to glorify her child). But at the very first shooting, Maxim learns that participation in the […]

Joy to all who mourn

Ilyushin and Babkin are well-known frequent detectives in the city, who always have enough work. The film tells how the naive artist Semyon Okhapkin encountered the provincial police and local authorities, the mores of the modern metropolitan crowd, momentary fame, greedy gallery owners and “big” money. Nina is just over 30. Having never found true […]

Why did I call you?

Disease and treatment Peter called his friend to discuss his medical condition. Peter was not feeling well and decided he might need treatment. He asked a friend to help him determine what exactly was causing his illness. A friend named Candy was interested and decided to help Peter in this matter. Looking for answers Peter […]

Happy route

Zhenya, a simple and extremely kind girl, lives in a hostel and works as a trolleybus driver. The main thing in life for her is to help people. She replaces her colleagues at work, houses a former teacher for free, and gives her only dress to a girl she barely knows. Her friends make fun […]

You can’t forget to love

A story that could make a great movie. I don’t watch our “new” Russian cinema, but I was attracted by the plot. Well, I love the topic of unequal age relationships – it’s close to me. So, after searching for films on this topic, I found this product. I understood in advance that I wouldn’t […]