A man who doesn’t want to marry me

The charming beauty Evgenia Lisitsina is in euphoria of happiness. Andrey and Elena have been living together for 10 years. They have not formalized the relationship, but live in a civil marriage. Despite this, Lena considers herself a married woman and does not allow herself to go out on the side. Andrey considers himself a […]

Black Dog

Katya secretly loved Dmitry, and Gustas was in love with Lisa. Lisa and Dmitry broke up. Brief summary of the series Impatiens 1, 2, 3, 4 – Literally from the first year, Sveta and Anya became good friends. The girls enjoyed spending time together, telling various stories about the past. Now the students are making […]

Butterfly wings

Zoya was once a happy wife and mother, loved her job in kindergarten and lived a serene life. Boris Bogomolov experienced a lot not only in his past life, which he abandoned due to a terminal illness, but also in the tiny town of Solnechny, where he now works as a literature teacher eras. The […]


COOL WAR FILM FOR MEN! – I serve the Fatherland! / Russian detective novelties The main events begin to unfold after the end of Ertugrul’s era and the advent of a completely new period, during which his son Osman ruled. The powerful and far-sighted relative left behind a worthy legacy, which must now be continued […]

First autumn of the war

First autumn of the war A modest symphony orchestra musician is forced to go to the frontline zone to save his family. And at the end of his journey, he understands that his homeland has one common misfortune and nothing can be worse than this. Journalist Sasha Taranov is trying to cope with the death […]

For the first person you meet

Now the girl has reached adulthood and can make her own decisions.. Music teacher Lyudmila Pavlikova was nicknamed Peacock by her students. It may seem that the children do not really relate to the teacher. But in fact, children perceive it positively. The woman is thirty-six years old. She is lonely and lives with her […]


An attractive and caring wife named Marina from the series “Sorry” dreamed of a happy family all her life and thought that this was exactly what she had. It’s the same thing that happens when you don’t feel it, it’s the same thing. Pets are not allowed to be used by child locks. But at […]


Provincial resident Mikhail Razumovsky earns money as a taxi driver. This retired paratrooper is thirty-five years old. He doesn’t yet know what’s going on in the city. The fact is that after the death of FSB officer Ryabinin due to a heart attack, bandits from the oligarch Kartashov’s brigade intensified their criminal activities. Before this, […]

Happy route

Zhenya, a simple and extremely kind girl, lives in a hostel and works as a trolleybus driver. The main thing in life for her is to help people. She replaces her colleagues at work, houses a former teacher for free, and gives her only dress to a girl she barely knows. Her friends make fun […]

He met his first love

He met his first love The main characters of the action-packed film are two sisters Irina and Anastasia, so similar in appearance, but in character they are completely opposite personalities. Ira is a modest, quiet and kind school teacher, Nastya, bright and mischievous, is a singer in a nightclub. One day, the latter asks a […]